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This Plus-Size Ballerina Is Inspiring Millions Everywhere

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A young plus-size ballerina is challenging the norm and inspiring millions of young girls everywhere. 

Fifteen-year-old Lizzy Howell is the star of a video that is quickly going viral. In the clip, she is seen doing turn sequence after turn sequence with ease, proving to critics and body-shamers that every body is a dancer’s body. 

Viral Video of Plus-Size Ballerina Puts an End to Stereotypes

Lizzy Howell

Howell, who hails from Milford, Delaware, has been sharing plenty of videos and photos of her dance routines on her Instagram and Facebook pages. But it is the footage of her skillfully doing a series of fouetté turns that is taking the Internet by storm.

Turns out that Howell has been through a lot in her life. She was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri, a condition that causes an increase in pressure inside the afflicted’s head. Howell experienced a moment of panic when she first developed the symptoms as she temporarily lost her vision and suffered from extremely painful headaches.


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In addition to that, Howell lost her mother at an early age, so she turned to dancing to keep her mind off the hardships she was going through.

The plus-size ballerina has been performing for ten years now and her skills are evident in the video. Aside from ballet, Howell is skilled in jazz, tap, contemporary, and a variety of other dances. She practices for at least two hours from Monday through Thursday and completes her rehearsals during the weekends.

So how does Howell deal with her online success? According to the talented dancer, she has developed a newfound confidence in herself through the help of her online supporters. She now has 65,000 followers and her viral video has been viewed over 200,000 times.

Another plus-size ballerina continues to inspire women everywhere

Frostine Shake

Howell is not the only plus-size ballerina who garnered online attention. Thirty-year-old Frostine Shake is a classically trained ballerina who has posed for breathtaking photos that are making rounds on the Internet. 

But unlike Howell, Frostine had not been comfortable with her weight as she was pressured to quit after being labeled too big. Still wanting to pursue dance, she started doing burlesque and found that she could incorporate ballet into her acts.

Frostine continues to inspire people with her confidence and grace. She encourages women everywhere to pursue their passions even if critics say otherwise. In an interview with BuzzFeed, she had this amazing words to live by. 

“Dance makes my body feel alive, and I try my best to do the art form justice — this includes loving my body.”

Burlesque Dancer

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