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Plus-Size Ballerina Steals the Show in Brand-New Target Campaign

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Lizzy Howell became an online sensation after a video of her doing professional ballet spins went viral. Howell was performing a type of pirouette in ballet called a fouetté. Aside from executing the moves with a remarkable level of poise and elegance, she also managed to break stereotypes and become a source of inspiration for many. 

Howell then became known as the “plus-size ballerina.” She was featured in a variety of news and media outlets and proved to everyone that size has nothing to do with talent. It did not take too long for the fashion world to take notice of this inspirational artist. She is now the star of Target’s C9 Champion campaign, performing glorious spin after glorious spin in the brand’s latest ad video.

Plus-Size Ballerina Featured in Target’s C9 Champion Campaign

Plus-Size Ballerina Lizzy Howell

In an interview with Teen Vogue last year, plus-size ballerina Lizzy Howell shared that diversity in dance should not be treated as much of a big deal.  

“It feels good to represent the diversity in dance,” she said. “But there shouldn’t need to be a diversity. We should all be equal.”

Howell took to Instagram to reveal her special appearance in Target’s C9 Champion campaign. “Turning for Target was so much fun! Had an amazing experience and met some amazing people,” she captioned the video. The ad, which is called “We Are a New Kind of Strong,” promotes Target’s C9 Champion line. It consists of activewear that promises to embrace the spirit of body positivity. As of this writing, the video has garnered over 700,000 views on YouTube. 

Lizzy Howell

Aside from being a body-positive champion, Howell is also breaking stereotypes for the disability community. She is diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri, a condition that causes excess fluid around the brain, resulting in extreme, stroke-like headaches that induce nausea and vomiting. Howell has said that dancing ballet has helped her manage the anxiety that she suffers along with the disease. Because of her ability to defy the odds, Howell was recently named an ambassador for Dancing for You, a disability awareness campaign. 

All this media exposure hopefully marks the beginning of Howell’s promising career. She certainly is living proof that the right amount of perseverance is bound to open new doors for anyone. 

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