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Plus-Size Beauty Vloggers You Definitely Need to Check Out

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YouTube personality PatrickStarr lives by his own inspirational quote: “Makeup is a one-size-fit-all.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Makeup is practically universal as anyone can gain access to it. It doesn’t matter if you settle for high-street or luxury brands, makeup is made for everyone, and the plus-size beauty vloggers you will find on this list have proven that very important point. Not only have they gone beyond their means to challenge the norm, they have also inspired other women and men to do the same. 

To celebrate these wonderful men and women of the YouTube community, check out the most influential plus-size beauty vloggers in the hemisphere below. 

Plus-Size Beauty Vloggers to Follow Right Now

1. Gracie Francesca (YouTube account: Grace F Victory)

Gracie Francesca

British vlogger Gracie Francesca has been dubbed as The Internet’s Big Sister. Her down-to-earth personality and realness garnered her a lot of admirers from around the world. Other than beauty and fashion, she touches topics such as sexuality and body image. Gracie has also done the big leap to television as she now has a segment on BBC Three. 

2. Loey Lane (YouTube account: LoeyLane)

Loey Lane

Yet another British vlogger on this list is Loey Lane. The body-positive role model was behind the viral video “Fat Girls Can’t Wear Bikinis” back in 2015. Aside from creating inspiring content, she also does amazing makeup tutorials on her channel. 

3. Callie Thorpe (YouTube: callie thorpe)

Callie Thorpe

Callie Thorpe is not your average YouTuber. She is a Marie Claire columnist, runs her own blog, has done modeling, and she happens to be signed with one of the most recognized agencies in the world. Thorpe does beauty reviews and exciting vlogs, so her channel’s definitely worth checking out.  

4. Nikkie Tutorials (YouTube: NikkieTutorials)

Nikkie Tutorials

Of all the plus-size beauty vloggers on this list, 22-year-old Nikkie De Jager is undoubtedly the most famous. She made it big after her video titled “The Power of Makeup” went viral. From then on, Nikkie has continued to produce quality content for her channel. She has also collaborated with Too Faced cosmetics to create a palette under her name. 

5. Patrick Starr (YouTube: PatrickStarrr)

Patrick Starr

Patrick Simondac or PatrickStarrr, as he’s more popularly known, was the one behind the wonderful quote at the beginning of the article. Patrick is funny and absolutely talented, and he’s become one of the most influential plus-size beauty vloggers in the scene today.

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