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Plus-Size Body Types And the Clothes You Can Wear to Complement Them

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Ah, the struggles of plus-size shopping. As if shopping, in general, isn’t hard enough, try being a plus-size woman looking for stylish clothes at a reasonable price! Aside from having limited choices, it can be difficult to find something that actually fits. If you happen to be experiencing these problems yourself, then you’ve come to the right place. This article focuses on plus-size body types and some outfit choices you can use to complement those curves.

Plus-Size Body Types and How to Dress for Them

1. Apple Shape

Characteristics: Apple shape bodies are typically described as having slim legs, large chest, and most of the weight coming from the tummy and top half of the body. 

Apple Shape Plus-Size

Style tips: Shaping the waist should be every apple shape’s style goal. Since most of the weight is placed on the upper body, try creating the illusion of an hourglass shape with your clothes. Show off those slim legs with the help of a fit and flare dress or a pencil skirt that hits high above the knees. For a more casual attire, go for straight-leg denim, A-line cut shirts, and v-necks. 

2. Hourglass Shape

Characteristics: Everyone longs for the Jessica Rabbit-esque figure, so if you happen to be born with it naturally, then consider yourself lucky! People with an hourglass figure have full hips and bust and a naturally slim waist. Along with the pear, it is one of the most common body types.

Hourglass Shape Plus-Size

Style tips: Hourglass shapes have large chests. This means you’ll need to find clothes that will fit and flatter your curves. Clothes that are best for your silhouette include peplum tops, shift dresses, pencil skirts, and of course, a body-hugging outfit!

3. Pear shape

Characteristics: The pear shape is often mistaken for an hourglass figure. The most distinguishable difference between the two is the bust size. Those with a pear shape have smaller bust size compared to hourglass types. But like their counterparts, pear-shaped sisters have thick thighs and legs, a small and defined waist, and narrow shoulders.

Pear Shape Plus-Size

Style tips: Since your hips and butt are your prominent physical features, you have the option to either balance your outfit or flaunt what you got. Go for printed and detailed tops or flat front pants. If you want to go for more edgy looks, try high-waisted bottoms, bootcut jeans, long blazers, and belts.   


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