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Learning About Plus-Size Bras and How to Get the Proper Fit

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Finding well-fitting bras is a dilemma for fuller figured women. Ideally, bras should be stylish and supportive even if your cup size is DD or bigger. For plus-size women, bras can be uncomfortable. That’s probably because a lot of them are not wearing the correct plus-size bra.

If you are on the curvier side yourself, the fit is the first thing you have to get right in looking for brassieres. This way, you won’t have underwires digging into your flesh or suffer from straps that are too tight.

They say many women walk around wearing the wrong size bra. Bra sizes can quickly change when you gain or lose weight or muscle tone and when you age. Checking every year if your bra size is still the same is actually quite easy. All you need is a fabric tape measure.

Getting Your Proper Bra Size Measurements

Step 1 – Wear a Plain Bra

Plus-Size Bras

Stand in front of a mirror and keep your tape measure at the ready. Wear your best fitting bra. Don’t use a sports bra or anything padded. Adjust the band, so it’s snug and make sure all your breast tissue is in the cups.

Step 2 – Measure Your Underbust

Plus-Size Bras

To get your bra size, measure right under your breasts. The tape measure should lie flat against the body and be level all the way around. Don’t hold it too tightly. Write the measurement down in inches.

Step 3 – Measure the Fullest Part of Your Chest

Plus-Size Bras

To do this, you should measure the fullest part of your chest, which should be over your nipples. Again, make sure that the tape measure is level all around and that you write the measurement in inches.

Step 4 – Determine Your Size

Plus-Size Bras

Subtract the difference between your underbust and the fullest part of your chest, before checking the chart above. If you measured 37 inches for the underbust and 34 inches at the nipple line the difference is three inches. So, that would mean your cup size is 34C.

To ensure that you have the best fit, you should check that the center of the front of your bra lies flat against your breastbone. The underwire should also be under the breast tissue, as this will help give you adequate support. Make sure your breasts are not spilling out of the cups. Lastly, the band of the bra should not ride up in the back. It should be even and level all around.

Shopping for a Plus-Size Bra

When you have determined your proper bra size, finding and shopping for a plus-size brassiere will be easier. There are a lot of brands like Wacoal, Adore Me, Bare Necessities, Nordstrom, and more that offer great quality and styles. A plus-size bra doesn’t have to be the basic beige and boring. You can find all kinds of styles and colors to suit your taste.

Look into the Band

Keep in mind that knowing the right fit is especially important for bigger women because you have more breast tissue and need the added support of a really good bra. You should be aware that the most important thing in a bra is the band and not the straps, as this supports most of the weight of your breast tissue. So, make sure you find one with a good stretch in its elastic. The band should never dig into your body and leave red marks.

Go for the Right Cup Size

Plus-Size Bras

The cups are another important aspect of this piece of lingerie. The cups should cover the breasts, not sit on top of it. They shouldn’t also be so big that there are gaps in the cups. If there are gaps, the cup size may be too big, so you need to recheck your bra size again.

Check the Straps

Plus-Size Bras

The straps are part of the bra’s support system. Because of this, they should not be too tight or dig into the skin. There should be enough space to slip two fingers under the strap. Anything more though, is too loose.

Your bra is the base of any outfit. A good bra can be a women’s best friend and enhance your silhouette. You would not want to look frumpy, so invest in a pair of great lingerie. If you can, go to a store and try on the different styles because each style may have the same cup size, but will have a different fit.

Plus-Size Bras

Although buying a plus-size bra online is possible because there are already so many retailers that could cater to your needs, it’s better if you are able to try it on. Online selection just doesn’t have the same luxury as store shopping. 

In the end though, the best kind of plus-size bras will depend on your size and body shape. Try on many different styles and brands until you find one you are comfortable with. When you wear the correct size, you will feel as good as you look and that is what you must always consider in picking out any kind of apparel, whether it’s a dress or undies like a bra.

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