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Ultra Stylish Plus-Size Fashion Brands for Every Fashionista

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Plus-size fashion brands have continued to evolve over the years. This coincides with the rise of body-positive fashionistas like Ashley Graham, Adele, Octavia Spencer, and Iskra Lawrence—who all have encouraged women to step out of their comfort zones. That said, it is safe to say that their influence and style have transformed the fashion world for the better.

Women on the lookout for a wide variety of stylish pieces can check out the retail companies listed below. Here are the most trendy plus-size fashion brands in the industry today.

Plus-Size Fashion Brands You Need to Check Out

1. H&M

Plus-Size Fashion Brands, H&M

Karl Lagerfeld created quite the stir when he feuded with the retail giant back in 2004. It all started when H&M insisted on raising the sizes of the collection the fashion designer collaborated with them for. Lagerfeld was not happy with the decision and decided to cut ties with the company. However, the incident did not hurt the sales of H&M, and it continues to be one of the biggest plus-size fashion brands today.

2. ASOS Curve


Not only does ASOS provide stylish pieces for women, they also have options for plus-size men. ASOS has everything from coats to casual tees. It should be noted that a lot of its styles go all the way up to a size 18, so you’re bound to find something for you.

3. Cut for Evans


There are over 180 Evans stores around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Each shop has trained sales advisors who are ready and willing to assist customers in finding the best plus-size pieces for their body type. Shopping can also be done online, and the site offers free delivery for purchases over $62.

The plus-size collection was done by students from Kingston University and Bournemouth University. The selected participants were asked to create clothes that came with no size limitations, and the end result was nothing short of amazing. It featured the most beautiful and on-trend pieces that are a must for every fashionista out there.

4. Upper Street

Plus Size Fashion Brands

Respected fashion stylist Nicole Smallwood teamed up with Upper Street to create a collection of chic shoes for every size out there. The range goes all the way up to a size 44 and has four different widths. Upper Street is definitely the brand for you if you’re on the hunt for your next great pair of shoes.

5. Net-a-Porter

Christina Hendricks

Net-a-Porter is an online shopping destination that provides designs up to a size 20. Women who belong to the “inbetween” category can also scrape up some fancy finds in this innovative site. It also ships to more than 170 countries worldwide.

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