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Plus-Size Fashion Influencers Making Waves Right Now

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The plus-size movement is making a lot of waves right now, especially in the fashion industry. Suddenly, the days of the “waif look” in the modelling industry is over, and replacing it is a message of body positivity and inclusivity. Now, more than ever, it’s never been better to be a plus-size woman interested in fashion.

At present, there are hundreds of beauty and fashion influencers that are part of the plus-size movement, and in this post, we’re going to put a spotlight on those who focus on mainstream fashion. 

Five Popular Plus-Size Fashion Influencers

1. Marie Denee

Holly Bissonnette |

Marie Denee is the owner and administrator of a lifestyle website called The Curvy Fashionista, and she is one of the most inspiration plus-size figures in the fashion world. Having been plus-size all her life, she has never let the criticisms of people get her down. She relates an experience of when she was thirteen and a boy mocked her for weight. Her reply? “You’re stating an objective fact. Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?” Talk about being confident and empowered from a young age.

2. Gabi Gregg

Holly Bissonnette |

A fashion blogger, Gabi Gregg posted an image of herself wearing a bikini. She got such overwhelming reactions that she decided to appear on the TODAY Show, where she explained her decision to post that picture as a way to combat body shaming and spread the message of being comfortable in one’s skin. She just recently launched a swimsuit line with the brand name “Swimsuits For All,” showing that she’s true ambassador for inclusivity.

3. Bethany Rutter

Holly Bissonnette |

A blogger, podcaster, and activist, Bethany Rutter truly wears a lot of hats. On top of that, she is also an Instagram influencer, boasting more than 20,000 followers, and has her own fashion brand, Navabi, a collection specially created and targeted toward curvy women like her. 

4. Natalie Hage

Holly Bissonnette |

Natalie Hage is one example of a plus-size woman who is empowered and fully comfortable with her body. She first got the attention of the public when a man was fat-shaming her on a flight and she stood her ground against him. Her post of the encounter went viral and garnered thousands of likes. At present, she is active Instagram influencer with over 146,000 followers. 

5. Brianne Huntsman

Holly Bissonnette | facebook

Brianne is not just an inspirational figure for plus-size women everywhere but also an LGBTQ activitist. She runs her own travel and lifestyle website that she has aptly called The Huntswoman. Aside from being ambassadors for both the plus-size and LGBTQ movements, she also runs her own fashion line and coaches aspiring influencers on subjects like how to create quality content on Instagram and how to make money as an influencer.

These five women are just a few of the many plus-size fashion influencers that are currently catching the attention of the public for their inspirational lifestyles and their courage in remaining true to who they are. They are symbols of inspiration for lots of women like them, and they are living proof that one doesn’t have to be a size zero to be recognized in society; you just have to be real and comfortable in your own skin.

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