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Plus-Size Fashion Trends in 2019 That You Should Try Out Now

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You plus-size goddesses must be excited about what this year in fashion, beginning this season, has to offer. Plus-size fashion trends are ever-changing and expanding, and in 2019, there are more choices than ever. Here are 5 dominant plus-size fashion trends that everyone is talking about.

5 Plus-Size Fashion Trends to Expect

It’s common knowledge that fashion is cyclical in nature. Revival after revival, 2019 plus-size fashion trends are no exceptions as we spot a few looks we haven’t seen in a while. Check them out.

Vibrant colors

For the past couple of years, we’ve been seeing neutrals and pastels, even in makeup. Plus-size fashion trends most especially used to be dependent on using muted colors or even drab blacks and grays to reduce the appearance of one’s size. This is why you should be super excited for this year. Bright colors are appearing on everything from blouses to coats, infusing the trends with some much-needed vibrancy. We’re here for the neon greens, yellows, pinks, and oranges. Bright colors are back, and they truly look amazing on a variety of skin tones!

Vibrant Colors


From bold to subtle, there is a place for everyone when it comes to prints. Beginning this spring, prints come in even more colors and styles than ever. Flowers are going to continue to be a part of most plus-size wardrobes with a variety of colors, while snakeskin and scarf prints slowly make a comeback in the plus-size sections’ racks. You will be sure to make a statement in any one you choose!


Biker shorts

It is the year of the biker shorts! From the hottest celebs and models on the runway to fashion influencers, everyone is on top of this trend. Biker shorts are styled in many ways—from dressy to casual—and there is sure to be a way to wear them for you. One chic way to pull off this plus-size fashion trend is by adding an oversize blazer or denim jacket.

Plus-Size Fashion Trends

Patterned jumpsuits

Another one of the plus-size fashion trends this year that you can count on seeing is patterned jumpsuits. These effortless outfits allow you to slip into something that is incredibly fashionable. Simply wear them with some wedge heels for a great look. The patterns for these jumpsuits range from the continually popular floral to the newer geo-patterns, snakeskin, and scarf prints. With a whole range of colors to choose from, the pairings for a patterned jumpsuit are nearly endless!

Patterned Jumpsuits


The trendy cape blazer gives you that polished, stylish look, offering you extra warmth in cooler months without having to resort to a bulky jacket or ill-fitting sweater. They certainly make a statement if you decide to wear one to the office or the next time that you go out on the town. First, find yourself some basic dress or a jumpsuit that goes perfect for any occasion and then throw on that cape to serve a “strong, independent woman” look.

Plus-Size Fashion Trends
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Have Fun!

This coming year is surely going to be a big one for the plus-size fashion world. Fresh looks, colors, and revivals are going to bring some much-needed change to closets everywhere.

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