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5 Plus-Size Fitness Bloggers That Are Sure to Become Your Next Fitness Inspiration

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There is a stereotype that bigger and curvier men and women aren’t healthy or that they are incapable of living a healthy lifestyle. But the plus-size fitness bloggers you are about to meet show the world that you definitely don’t need a skinny body to be considered fit. Without further ado, here are five plus-size fitness blogs that are sure to inspire you to embark on a fitness journey of your own.

Plus-Size Fitness Bloggers That Can Be Your Next Workout Inspiration

Don’t believe your Pinterest or Instagram feed, you can be fit and healthy even at plus-size! These gals kick butt and run miles to promote good physical and mental health along with the importance of body positivity and self-confidence. Remember, athletes come in all shapes and sizes, so you don’t have to shy away from working out just ’cause you don’t fit the stereotype.

1. Mind, Body, and Rebellion

Louise Green

Canadian Louise Green started her blog Mind, Body, and Rebellion with the intent of achieving several goals she has set for herself. She is a dedicated athlete and constantly rallies for body positivity. To top it off, this superwoman runs a company called Body Exchange, which provides fitness programs to the plus-size demographic. 

2. Curvy Yoga

Curvy Yoga

Curvy Yoga is run by Anna Guest-Jelley. She created the blog in hopes of inspiring plus-size women who have always wanted to try out yoga but are afraid to do so. Women can find tips on how they can integrate the art of yoga into their everyday lives as well as how they can try it in the comfort of their own home.  

3. Plus-Size Princess

Plus-Size Princess CeCe Olisa

Former plus-size model and fitness trainer Diane Williams is the powerhouse force behind this fitness blog dedicated to full-figured women. Her goal is to help women get the healthy body they deserve. There are also sections dedicated to maintaining a healthier lifestyle, including fun workouts and tasty recipes as well as a supportive community for those who have always struggled with weight loss.

4. Authentically Emmie

Emily Ho

Body-positive advocate Emily Ho started this blog back in 2009. She renamed the site from Skinny Emmie to Authentically Emmie. It has since expanded from a personal weight loss blog to one that focuses on living a healthy lifestyle at any size. Emmie hopes to reach a wider audience around the world to remind that although fitness journeys can be physically and emotionally exhausting, all that matters is that you feel a sense of accomplishment and self-acceptance in the end. 

5. Too Fat to Run

Plus-Size Fitness

It is a phrase you’ve probably said to yourself before: “I’m too fat to run.” In reality, curvy to obese men and women finish marathons each year. Running isn’t just about finishing in first place, it’s about releasing tension and giving your body that much-needed detox. Let the women from Too Fat to Run inspire you to get out there and run! The site was started by plus-athlete Julie Creffield. Her goal? Get 1 million plus-size women running. If you’re up for the challenge, then head on over to the site and sign up for a weekly dose of fitness inspirations.


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