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Plus-Size Guys Who Are Redefining the Standards of Beauty

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The tides of fashion and beauty standards are constantly changing. Women are no longer afraid of the term “plus-size,” and fortunately enough, there has been a significantly lower number of eating disorder cases around the world. This is all thanks to the role models who constantly remind society how important it is to love yourself.

But behind all the positivity lies a big problem: almost all body-positive role models are women. Sure, women get scrutinized for their body more often, but men deserve some attention and love too. So this article is going to put the spotlight on plus-size guys who are not afraid to show the world that big is most definitely beautiful.

Plus-Size Guys Who Are Quickly Becoming Role Models for Men

1. Zach Miko

Zach Miko

Zach made headlines last year after becoming the first-ever plus-size male model to ever sign with a major agency. He signed with IMG Models back in March 2016 and became the face of their newly opened brawn division. Before Miko, there have been only two types of male models: the gaunt runway types of high fashion or gym-toned physiques like that of Tyson Beckford and Nick Bateman. Good for IMG for changing the stereotypes!

2. Steven Martin

Steven Martin

Steven is a German plus-size model from Germany. He is currently signed with East West Model Management. Like Zach, Steven challenges the way fashion looks at men who fall above the sample size. 

3. Kelvin Davis

Kelvin, plus-size guys

Kelvin is a model, blogger, and part of the awe-inspiring group that started the EffYourBeautyStandards movement. He vowed never to feel insecure about his size again and started a lifelong mission of promoting body-positivity to mean after one unfortunate shopping experience.  

4. Troy Solomon

Troy Solomon, plus-size guys

One look at Troy’s Instagram account and you’re bound to feel inspired. Not only is he passionate about campaigning for body-positivity, but Troy holds the LGBTQ community close to his heart as well. He was an ambassador for this year’s Own Your Pride Campaign for LA Pride.

5. Harvey Guillen  

harvey guillen

Harvey is best known for his roles in Eye Candy and Big Gay Love. He is also making great strides in teaching men that you can be happy and proud of your body no matter what size you are. Although he is predominantly an actor, Harvey’s Instagram account is filled with stunning model-worthy photos.

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