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All Your Favorite Plus-Size Influencers Are in JCPenney’s New Ad Campaign

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Popular department store JCPenney has just launched their new plus-size ad campaign and it is set to be the best one ever made. Style blogger Gabi Fresh, singer Mary Lambert, designer Ashley Nell Tipton, and others are featured in the video for the plus-size line called Here I Am.

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Plus-Size Women

The video is focused on promoting body positivity and starts with Jes Baker saying, “Would my life be better if I were thinner? No. But it would be better if I wasn’t treated so poorly because I’m not.” That powerful statement is followed by a parade of full-figured bodies.

Plus-Size Woman

It’s such a great affirmation to hear well-known people from the plus-size community speak positive words about their body image. They statements like, “My size isn’t an indicator of my worth,” “The bodies don’t need to change. The attitude does,” and “You can be confident and feel good in your skin right now” can have such a great impact to someone who is struggling with their self-worth or self-confidence. 

Plus-Size Women

This ad campaign by JCPenney is such a great reminder that positive words can have a great effect on your life and how you see yourself or your body image.

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