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10 Plus-Size Men Who Are Taking the Fashion Industry by Storm

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Men’s fashion usually takes a backseat to women’s fashion, but one industry that is growing is the plus-size men category. Below is a list of the ten best-looking men on the plus-size fashion scene.

Zach Miko

Plus-Size  Model

For those in the know, they recognize Zach Miko. He was Target’s first plus-size male model. He’s had a lot of coverage in the press. This is a 6’6″ man with a 40-inch waist. He looks like your very good-looking neighbor. He’s got a genuine warmth and handsome quality about him.

Josh Ostrovsky

Plus-Size Model

Josh Ostrovsky is the Fat Jew. He’s got over five million Instagram followers. He’s also switching over from social media to legit modeling gigs.

The 30-year-old funny man just signed with One Management, which also handles supermodels Karolina Kurkova and Bar Refaeli. This man has a lot on his plate from TV projects to a book deal, to his own selection of wine called White Girl Rosé.

Terry Hollands

Plus-Size Model

Terry Hollands is a legend in England. He is known for being a strongman competitor. His new gig is modeling for Big Tall Order, an online clothing store for bigger and taller men.

Ben Whit

Plus-size Model

UK native Ben Whit is the newest plus-size male model. He is signed with Bridge Models. As a tall man who is very fit, he struggles to find clothes that fit him properly.

Kelvin Davis

Plus-Size Model

In April 2016, Aerie launched its newest underwear campaign #AerieMan, which featured men of varying body sizes. Then only a week after the launch, the company released a statement saying AerieMan was an April Fools’ Day prank.

One of the models who was featured on the shoot was Kelvin Davis, a blogger who spoke out about the fake shoot, saying it was disappointing. He adds that, “We were asked questions about male body image and those were our responses. Everything I said was heartfelt from a place we all can relate.”

Jermain Hollman

Plus-size Model

Standing 6’5″ is Jermain Hollman. With only a 36-inch waist, he is on the petite size for a plus-size model, but he is way above the standards of a straight-size male model. He has worked for Target.

Speaking on his work in the industry, he says, “It’s about what the client wants. They are reluctant to stray from the baseline, which is odd because most people don’t fit that type.” Hollman thinks that the female plus-size fashion industry today is making changes that will also affect the male modeling industry. 

Bruce Sturgell

Plus-Size Model

Chubstr founder Bruce Sturgell has tried to show the world that men off all sizes can be interested in fashion too. He started the online fashion tips blog when he realized there was a serious lack of fashion-related content with regard to plus-size men. Aside from running Chubstr, he also dabbles in big and tall modeling.

Matthew Simko

Plus-Size Model

Also part of the list is a contributing editor for Chubstr, Matthew Simko. He is an authority on men’s style and fashion. He’s led a series called “Fewer Clothes, More Accessories: A Style Workshop for Men.”

Jesse McNeilly

Plus-Size Model

Jesse McNeilly is one-half of a plus-size couple. His partner is Laura Wells, one of the leading plus-size models in Australia. Jesse is the brand ambassador for Johnny Bigg, a menswear company for bigger sizes.

Claus Fleissner

Plus-Size Model

Curve Model Management based in Hamburg is one of the only three agencies to specialize in plus-size male models in Germany. Currently, they have 30 models on their books, one of them is Claus Fleissner, a rising plus-size male model. Like many plus-size models, he never thought he would get into the career. His career started only by coincidence when at age 37, he was asked to join an all-female lineup in a fashion show for Plus-Size Fashion Days.

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