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Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Lashes Back at Protein World Ad

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Plus-size model Ashley Graham again take center stage as she challenges Protein World following the release of the British supplement company’s controversial ‘Beach Body Ready’ ads.

Graham has teamed up with the famous swimwear brand Swimsuitsforall and re-created Protein World’s infamous ‘Beach Body Ready’ commercial. The photo features Graham looking over her shoulder with a come-hither look, as she appears to be either putting on or taking off (depending on one’s perspective) a sexy strappy black two piece.

The new ad, which came out on Graham’s Instagram account featured the caption:

“There’s no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt!!”

With almost 11,000 likes on Graham’s #curvesinbikinis post”, it looks like a great number of people concur that size 14 model indeed is sexy.

Graham, who is a widely recognized spokesperson and promoter of the positive body image movement, recently spoke to Glamour magazine.

“I’m here to remind women that our bodies are beautiful at any size, as long as you are living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself.”

One of her most notable achievements as a model was being the first ever plus-size model to be featured in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue ad for Swimsuits for All. She is also one of the models for Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign.

#ImNoAngel campaign.

Protein World’s recent “Are you Beach Body Ready?” ad came under fire immediately after its release and has been the subject of criticism as it seems to “encourage” women to starve themselves to be considered ‘beach body ready’. Many of the company’s billboards displayed at the London underground stations have been vandalized, with one of them done by graffiti artist Miranda Fay, who wrote:

‘”Stop encouraging women to starve themselves.”

There is also another ad where the copy was changed to read “#Eachbodysready”.

Arjun Seth, Protein World CEO, told Channel 4 News that the leaders of the latter’s defacement were “terrorists”. He even tweeted a response to the ad’s detractors saying:

“This is not feminism, it is extremism. #getagrip #BeachBodyReady #Winning.”

Even TOWIE star Maria Fowler came to the company’s defense stating that people should ‘body shame’ plus-sized people instead.


Despite the company’s defense, the Advertising Standards Authority eventually met with the company on Wednesday last and came out with the decision to ban the ads due to the “health and weight loss claims”.

Protein World’s ads will be taken down in United Kingdom.

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