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Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Walks the Runway to Show Another Perspective of Sexiness

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Size 16 model Ashley Graham wowed audiences when she walked the runway during Fashion Week. As a very vocal advocate for the plus-size world, she is known for being the first plus-size model to appear in the prestigious publication Sports Illustrated. She is also one of the brand ambassadors for Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel and #PlusIsEqual campaigns. At the New York Fashion Week, she led a group of stunning models of different shapes and sizes. They wore sexy lingerie that Graham designed herself.

New York Fashion Week

One of the perks of being a model/designer is that you are able to model for your own clothes, and since Ashley Graham is one of the most recognizable plus-size models, this line got a lot of attention in the media. The lingerie collection was a result of Graham’s collaboration with Canadian retailer Addition Elle. The line was designed to complement a fuller figure, with the lace bras starting from 36DD size and going up to 44DD. The underwear ranges from size X to 3X.

Graham, is a groundbreaking model who, at size 16, is the face of the movement encouraging women to flaunt their figures no matter how big or small they may be. You don’t have to conform to societal standards, if you are happy with your body, you should be confident and flaunt it. Young women need to see that role models also come in larger sizes.

For her part, Graham stressed that sexiness can be achieved at any size. It’s all about getting the right fit in your garments. You should know which size and style works well for your body type. If it fits properly, you will get the needed support that plus-size women really need.

The audience members were encouraged to hashtag #IAmSizeSexy. Other women also used the hashtag and posted pictures of themselves on Instagram. The Addition Elle show is just one of the body-inclusive shows during NYFW. A Project Runway finalist had a collection that was completely plus-size, and there were other shows that included a model in a wheelchair, a model with Down Syndrome, and a model with a bionic arm. Fashion has gone leaps and bounds to really include people of all shapes and sizes.

New York Fashion Week

There is an ever-growing movement towards diversity and promoting body positivity. Men and women should be able to stand up and prove that beauty and health are not limited to certain sizes. The first teaser for the #PlusIsEqual campaign came in the form of an ad in Vogue magazine’s September issue. This generated a lot of buzz, and since then, many have been waiting to hear more about the two-page spread. Those two pages were just a glimpse of the plus-size models to be found in the entire 832-page volume.

New York Fashion Week

Lane Bryant was behind the campaign, which features top plus-size models, Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine, Georgia Pratt, Sabina Karlsson, Precious Victoria Lee, and Justine Legault, all wearing the latest Fall 2015 collection. This is the clothing chain’s follow-up to their controversial Spring #ImNoAngel campaign. This latest promotion strives to promote a future where labels don’t exist and women can be of any size.

The star of the campaign, Graham, said in a press release, “size shouldn’t matter when you’re talking about a woman who just wants to be fashionable.” Right now, 67 percent of women fall in the size ranges of 14 to 24. That’s a huge majority to be considered plus-size, but even with that type of market, there is very limited representation in the fashion industry. Yes, the industry is changing, but it’s still moving too slowly, and there’s still a long way to go.

Candice Huffine said, “We’re proud, strong, fashion forward, stylish. Same as anyone else, with extra curves.” Being fashionable and stylish is about expressing personal style, and it has nothing to do with the size of your clothes. Women should never be limited by the number that is inside their jeans.

The plus-size campaign is not without controversy. They have been criticized that the only plus-size shape they displayed was the hourglass figure. Lane Bryant is encouraging feedback on their campaign. Overall, it was a positive message that may have been interpreted wrongly, but the main message is still the same. Plus-size is equal to straight sizes. It shouldn’t even be news anymore when it’s a plus-size runway show because the ultimate goal is to make plus-size just a part of the daily norm.

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