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Here’s How You Can Build a Career as a Plus-Size Model in New York

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The plus-size modeling industry is growing at a fast pace. Never has been this much acceptance, support, and demand for women with fuller figure. So if you happen to have the confidence and looks to make it, then don’t let anything stop you from following your dream and achieving your goals.

New York City is one of the best places to take your modeling career to brand-new heights. Considering the city’s popularity, making it in the Big Apple will require a lot of hard work. But if a then-unknown Ashley Graham can make it to the top, then so can you. To help give you a little edge over other model hopefuls, learn here some tips on how you can become a successful plus-size model in New York.

Work Your Curves to Become a Successful Plus-Size Model in New York

1. Know the requirements

Plus-Size Model in New York

In New York City, you can find multiple jobs in both runway and editorial. As a plus-size model, you’ll need to determine your exact measurements to see what kind of job you can apply for. Unfortunately, fashion is very specific when it comes to sizing. Fashion models are generally 5’9″ to 6′ in height, while commercial or catalog models can be of any height. In terms of weight, a general rule is that your waist should be about 10 inches smaller than your hips, but you may find agencies that drop that guideline.

Another thing to keep in mind is your overall health. Models of all sizes need to be confident, healthy with clear skin, hair, teeth, and nails.

2. A flattering wardrobe is a must


No, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on designer apparel. What this means is that you need a wardrobe that will flatter your figure, make you feel fabulous, and define your personal style. Aside from helping you create a great first impression, a cabinet filled with confidence-boosting clothes will also make you look and feel like a model.

3. Maintain your looks

plus size exercise

Models are not exactly spotless, but their faces aren’t filled with skin problems either. Sure, there are models who have had their acne spots digitally altered. But it is still a general rule for models to take care of their skin so there won’t be a need for it. So pack on that moisturizer, sunscreen, and night cream while matching your beauty routine with a healthy amount of water each day to avoid those dreaded breakouts. Daily exercise is also recommended for a healthy complexion. Finally, don’t forget to remove all of your makeup before bed!

4. Preparing your modeling headshot

Plus-Size Model in New York

You’ve probably read about this before, but a modeling headshot is an absolute must if you even want to break into the industry. It is the first thing an agency goes over when scanning your portfolio, so you want to make sure that they’re professional-looking. Naturally, you’ll have to invest in a trained photographer to do this. Hire someone who’s familiar with what New York modeling agencies want, not a friend who just happens to have a decent camera. The best headshots could cost you around $400–$1200, depending on the photographer’s experience. It may sound a bit too much, but the results are definitely worth the investment.

5. Make a list of reputable NYC-area agencies

modeling agency

To help narrow down your list, you can go to websites like Explore Talent that have a list of all the latest modeling gigs in New York City. Some of the most reputable NYC-based agencies that have plus-size divisions are Wilhelmina, IMG Models, Ford Models, and IPM Models. Before submitting your application, do some research on the agency’s background as well as other submission policies.

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