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Plus-Size Model Thickleeyonce Shuts Down Body-Shamer in Just FOUR Words

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If you’ve ever doubted that something as painfully unnecessary as fat-shaming happens every day, wait until you read this story. Photographer and plus-size model Lesego Legobane, better known as her fierce username Thickleeyonce, was body-shamed by a random stranger on Twitter. Fortunately, the gorgeous model wasn’t about to let this lowlife troll get away with it. She managed to shut him down in a single tweet that quickly went viral.

Plus-Size Model Thickleeyonce Shuts Down Troll in a Tweet


The commotion started when an online troll by the username Leyton Mokgerepi (@imleyton) attempted to shame Thickleeyonce by comparing her photo with a photograph of famous supermodel Joelle Kayembe. Below the photo, he wrote this nasty caption: “Girls that I like vs. girls that like me.”

Legobane, who is from South Africa, could have just let the situation go. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time someone mocked her size. But something inside the inspiring blogger gave Legobane the strength to fight back. The defiant model had the final say when she replied, “I don’t like you.” Little did she know, her reply would start a social media frenzy that would attract even the most famous names in the entertainment industry.

The four-word tweet earned more than 900,000 likes and support from men and women around the world, including singers Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj. Even magazines like Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan retweeted her epic clapback. 

“This might be the best clapback of 2017,” tweeted romance author Melissa Blue.

Legobane first got wind of the horrendous meme when one of her followers tagged her in it. In an interview with BuzzFeed, the 24-year-old said that she felt like the body-shamer “had to know his place. So I decided to reply because I felt he was being rude.” 

“It means a lot to me that I can change someone’s perception about their physical appearance by loving my own,” Legobane added.


I don’t like you -Thickleeyonce

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The other woman dragged in the tweet was Cape Town model and actress Joelle Kayembe. Like Legobane, she wasn’t too happy with the comparison and did not take his words as a compliment. She told BuzzFeed that putting a woman down in favor of another was just “unnecessary.”

After facing the rage of the Internet, Mokgerepi tried to clear his name by tweeting Legobane’s photo once again with the caption “girlfriend goals.” However, Twitter thought the damage had been done, and only a few people believed him. 

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