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Plus-Size Modeling’s FB Page Now Has Over 300K Likes

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Plus-Size Modeling’s official Facebook page hits an all time high after it garnered over 300,000 likes this week. This outstanding achievement justifies the site’s status as one of the leading advocates on embracing the plus-size community.

Started in 2012, Plus-Size Modeling’s official Facebook page has become the ultimate go-to online source for all things big, beautiful, and inspiring. It has shown repeatedly that beauty is not defined by size or shape.

From motivational quotes to prominent plus-size personalities in the fashion industry, the FB page also features useful tips, delightful insights, and the latest trends about the growing plus-size community. Aside from all these, one of the greatest highlights of the page is the interaction among Facebook users, as it shows how they share the same sentiments on the plus-size revolution that is steadily gaining mainstream attention.

Visitors and likers of the FB page are also provided with the means to access Plus-Size Modeling’s official website,, which showcases almost everything under the sun for plus-size women, including modeling and fashion tips as well as the latest news and trends in the plus-size industry.

If there is one message that the website wants to tell the world, then it is “curves are definitely in”. The growing popularity of plus-size models and the launching of famous clothing brands that cater to plus-size people is testimony to the effectiveness of the advocacy that embraces curves as part of being beautiful.

Plus-Size Modeling’s having reached a milestone this week is proof of that. With all the hashtag campaigns on the Internet about loving and flaunting your curves, everyone can only assume that the popularity and love for more curvaceous women is here to stay.

If you want to be a part of this positive body image revolution, you can come and visit Plus Size Modeling’s official website, so you, too, will know the latest happenings on the plus-size scene.

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