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Plus-Size Models Who Deserve to Be Crowned the Next Miss USA

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Every summer, a debate is started over whether beauty pageants are sexist. Some people feel that these contests are just another form of body shaming. There is an ongoing debate that there aren’t enough women of color in these shows. While the women are all beautiful, they are mostly thin white women who do not represent what the average American woman looks like.

It’s not shocking that there is a lack of body diversity in Miss USA. After all, the pageant is owned by presidential candidate Donald Trump. In an ideal world, we would have pageants that showcase different beauties and body types since the United States is a beautiful melting pot of races and cultures. 

Diversity should be in the lineup of Miss USA, but right now minority groups are still underrepresented. Today, we have a list of plus-size models that we feel should be included in the Miss USA lineup to give it the jump-start it needs to be truly representative of different body types.

Marie Southard Ospina

Plus-Size Model

The associate fashion and beauty editor of Bustle has campaigned for body positivity in recent years. She is a great representation of the change we want to see in the pageant industry.

Iliana Vera 

Plus-Size Model

She is a makeup artist, fashion designer, model, and burlesque performer whose Instagram page has caught our attention. Her work ethic and gorgeous blond looks would be great for Miss USA.

Gabi Gregg

Plus-Size Model

Gabi is the gorgeous woman who has designed some of the best plus-size bikinis. This creativity and ingenuity encapsulates what the Miss USA pageant should be.

Chastity Garner Valentine

Plus-Size Model

Chastity is a businesswoman and blogger who’s got more style than most women.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Plus-Size Model

Nadia made on-point eyebrows cool before they were the trend. Her beauty, style, and confidence would be a great addition to the pageant stage.

Tess Holliday

Plus-Size Model

She is America’s favorite plus-size model who has proven she is beautiful and likable.

Charisma Monroe

Plus-Size Model

This confident blogger is the “Chief BBW.” She can represent all full-figured women beautifully on stage.

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