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Plus-Size Models Rule NYFW 2016

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There have been a lot of positive changes since New York Fashion Week (NYFW) began. For a long time, women at size 14 have failed to identify with the size 0 models who have strutted down the runway of NYFW. And that fact couldn’t be any more ironic as most American women average at that specific size. But for this season, diversity has finally arrived, and while it may continue to be an uphill battle to urge more designers to provide bigger sizes, it is still a big step forward for the fashion industry. 

NYFW 2016: The Most Body-Positive Season Yet

NYFW, Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano has always been a voice for plus-size women. He was even quoted as saying that he caters to bigger sizes so he can provide more clothing options to the most important woman in his life—his mother. Siriano’s Spring 2016 NYFW collection even featured the big names of the plus-size industry, including Marquita Pring, Sabin Karlsson, and Precious Lee.

In addition to his personal clothing line, Siriano unveiled his own fashion line with plus-size retail giant Lane Bryant at this year’s NYFW. The line featured stunning pieces that catered to every curvy woman out there. This apparently is not the first time for the designer to make headlines for his inclusiveness, as he famously dressed Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones for the premiere of the movie held earlier this year.

NYFW 2016: Revolutionizing Fashion for the Better

Ashley Graham, Addition Elle

Siriano wasn’t the only Project Runway alumnus who highlighted plus-size women during fashion week. Ashley Nell Tipton collaborated with fashion brand JC Penney to showcase a fashion show that featured plus-size models and bloggers. The line featured ready-to-wear styles as well as eye-catching pieces. 

JC Penney

Other major fashion designers such as Rachel Antonoff, cult fashion icon Byron Lars, Tracy Reese, and longtime body-positive line Smart Glamour also had their own stylish designs to send off the runway during NYFW 2016. But it was the legendary Ashley Graham who really stole the show by featuring the most stylish designs from her collection, which she completed in collaboration with Canadian plus-size brand Addition Elle. Strutting down the runway were the most voluptuous models who wore all the clothing pieces with pride. 

But if you think that NYFW was exclusive only for plus-size women, then think again. Stylist Brandon Kyle is launching his collection Brandon Kyle + Menswear, the said collection is set to deliver fashion-forward apparel to big and tall men. Now that’s what we call diversity. 

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