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Famous Plus-Size Models Prove Your Curves Don’t Make You Any Less Beautiful

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Plus-size models wear well-known brands and common high-street names so they can inspire women to embrace the figures and shapes that they have. A curve fashion show was put together by CastleCourt to promote their message that you do not have to be skinny to be stylish.

At their event, there was a fashion show and beauty and hair tips given for women on the curvy side. Their models range from sizes 12 and 16 and sizes 18 and 20. They are showing women how they can wear the latest trends even with a full figure.

Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Bonmarche, Simply Be, and Yours Clothing are among the stores that will be joining the event.

Here we interview three plus-size models about their style and why you can be fashionable at any size:

Charlotte Coyle

Charlotte is a makeup artist who splits her time between Londonderry and Belfast. As host of the Curve event, she is happy that a show like that would be done in Belfast. She believes that it’s important to highlight different body shapes and celebrate curves. She has always been proud of her body. She feels that society is moving away from the perception that bodies have to be perfect.

Full-figured women are attractive and stylish. It’s about promoting a positive body image. Charlotte has talked about being bullied in school because of her size. Thirteen years ago, she moved to America, and she was approached by a modelling agency to be a plus-size model. That was the turning point in her life and how she has found her confidence and embraced her size.

As a plus-size model, she worked in Paris, London, and New York, where she appeared in TV and magazine campaigns. She had a good career, but she missed her life at home, so she went back to Northern Ireland. She retrained as a makeup artist and she’s been working in that capacity since then. She does the makeup on drama productions and film sets.

She loves working in the industry particularly because theatrical makeup is so creative. She works as a part-time model with CMPR agency. 

Generally, Charlotte keeps a positive outlook on life. She has embraced her curves and she’s okay with being a big girl. She loves clothes, and she can find many stylish options for herself in brands like River Island. There was a time when plus-size women hid their figures, but now that is no longer the case.

Plus-Size Model


Erin Davies

Nineteen-year-old Erin Davies is a plus-size model, but she only wears size 12 to 14. She is not very big compared to the average woman, but the modeling industry automatically classifies size 12 in the plus category.

Erin prefers the term curvy, and she thinks that the Belfast fashion show will prove to women that she need not be ashamed of having a curvy shape. Erin began modeling when she was 16 years old. She was asked to join a plus-size event at the Belfast Fashionweek.

Though she enjoyed the experience, she did not pursue a modeling career. Instead she continued to pursue her education. 

Being 5’11” she was always taller and bigger than her friends. For years, she suffered from low self-esteem and lacked body confidence. Then she took part in fashionweek and realized that curves could be beautiful too.

There was a time when Erin would do crash diets and try to slim down, but that all stopped once she gained confidence. She realized it was more important to be healthy and have a positive attitude toward her body shape.

She is now confident enough in herself to wear fitted dresses and show off her figure. She is a normal, healthy size, and she’s proud to be part of an event, which is happy to celebrate curves. Erin says celebrities like the Kardashians have made it okay and fashionable to have curvy figures. She hopes that people will put an end to the term plus-size and accept that women are beautiful no matter what their body shape.

Plus-Size Model


Arlene Kelly

Arlene Kelly started modeling ten years ago when her friend suggested she enter the Miss Northern Ireland contest. Despite being curvy and tall, she did well and placed third. She is now 30 years old and living in Ballygawley with her husband and 11-month-old son.

After her success in the Miss Northern Ireland contest, she began working with Alison Campbell‘s agency as a plus-size model. She loved her job.  It was about embracing her shape and making the best of the figure she naturally had. Arlene says that she’s always dressed well and knows which styles suits her.

Arlene feels that there is no excuse to not dress well, especially with the number of options available on the high street.

After giving birth to her son, she wanted to lose weight. She joined a half marathon with her mother, Patricia, who is an experienced marathon runner. It was a great way for her to get fit post-pregnancy. She is currently still on maternity leave, but she will be heading back to work soon. She works in the health service industry.

She works nights at her full-time job, and she models part-time for CMPR Models.  When it comes to her body shape, she is healthy and confident. Being a larger woman doesn’t have the stigma it once had in society. Celebrity role models like Beyonce and Holly Willoughby are happy to flaunt their curves. That has helped other women appreciate a curvy figure.

Arlene’s favorite places to shop are Dorothy Perkins, Next, and Topshop because they stock up to size 16. She wants women who aren’t stick thin to know that they can be just as trendy because they have options when it comes to affordable fashion.

These women are just average women who happen to work part-time as plus-size models. They show you that you can be fashionable just buy using affordable fashion. There is no rule that says you have to be straight size to be in style. Finding your style is about loving your body and showing off your best assets.

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