Plus-Size Models

Plus-Size Models Who Are Redefining the Fashion Industry

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You may not be as familiar with plus-size models as you are with the straight-size Victoria’s Secret Angels. But below we are featuring some of the up-and-coming fashionistas who are breaking down barriers and challenging the fashion industry stereotypes. Get to know more about these leaders in the plus-size industry.

Iskra Lawrence, 25, from Kidderminster, England


Flashbk to Paris.
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Career challenge: Iskra’s main career challenge is that she is in-between plus-size and straight-size. On occasions, her images were edited to make her appear bigger than her natural size.

Take on the term “plus-size”: “It’s a problem. Calling the majority of the population plus-size implies that they don’t have the same value as women who aren’t labeled.”

Thing you used to avoid but now wear on the regular: Since the color white makes things look bigger, she used to avoid wearing white jeans. Then she gained enough confidence and realized that her legs are strong and healthy. She is now no longer hesitant about showing them off.

Top styling tip: Having a good bra is the best addition to any outfit. It is the foundation you need to look good in any outfit.

Georgia Pratt, 25, from Auckland City, New Zealand


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Fashion hack: Her easiest outfit would be a simple T-shirt and pants. She buys oversized men’s pants at thrift stores then has them tailored to fit her body.

Take on the term plus-size: “People can see that I’m not a size 2 without me having to point it out! If I introduce myself as a plus-size model I differentiate myself. Now I just say that I am a model.”

Describe yourself in only emojis: “The crystal ball, salsa dancer, pineapple, and wave.”

On the state of the industry: More people are starting to like the plus-size industry. She would like to see designers, stylists, casting directors, and other people be more diverse in their choice of models.

Barbie Ferreira, 19, from Queens, New York

Praise for Instagram: Growing up, she could never identify with the models in the media. Now women like @bae.doe and @dounia.t are on Instagram representing the curvy women.

Social media’s personal importance: She personally did a clean out of her Instagram page. She stopped following people who promote a skewed sense of reality. Now she follows @mingblingbling, @nicolettemason, @amandlastenbergy, and @louisvuittoncrocs.

New go-to outfit: “Body-con dresses. I used to be insecure about my butt, but I no longer think of clothes as something to make me look skinnier.”

Problem with body diversity in media: A lot of people claim to love curvy bodies, but there are actually strict standards with regard to those curvy figures. She feels like body positivity should also include celebrating bodies that are unconventionally attractive.

Sabina Karlsson, 27, from Växjö, Sweden


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Career goals: When she was a straight-size model, she worked with Victoria’s Secret and American Eagle, and she doesn’t feel like she shouldn’t be allowed to work for them now.

Fashion formula: Her personal style involves mixing plus-size brands with straight size brands. Among her favorites are Rag and Bone, H&M, ASOS Curve, and Acne.

Off-duty uniform: “I’m usually wearing a pair of black high-waisted skinny jeans, a T-shirt, my leather jacket, and Birkenstocks or Doc Marten’s.”

Style challenge:  It wasn’t easy to transition from being a straight-size model to a curve model. She had to learn more about her body. She credits @theashleygraham, @justinegaultofficial, and @helloemmasanders for helping her.

Jordyn Woods, 18, from Calabasas, California


Posie K and natural lashes @myshantibar

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Style evolution: She and her best friend Kylie Jenner have experimented with clothes that embrace curves. Their current fashion staples are ripped jeans and bodysuits.

Shopping challenge: She wears a lot of vintage clothing with designer handbags and shoes.

Go-to accessory: Fake eyelashes are her favorite makeup product to use.

Question you wish people would stop asking: “Can Kylie follow me?”

These are just some of the most interesting plus-size models currently gaining popularity through social media and the fashion world. These women set a good example of what is a realistic body type without promoting unhealthy dieting fads. Follow their social media pages to learn more about them.

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