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Debunking 5 Infamous Plus-Size Myths About Women

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Plus-size women are everywhere! They’re actresses, teachers, scientists, fashion bloggers, and moms. Yes, they’re real people who have normal bodies, lifestyles, and emotions. Being a plus-size woman in an extremely judgmental society can be difficult. Each day, you hear an overwhelming amount of plus-size myths and misconceptions that can inevitably take a dig on your self-esteem. 

To put fat-shaming to rest, it is important to educate yourself and others on the truth about your body. Here are five infamous plus-size myths debunked. 

Debunking 5 Plus-Size Myths About Women

1. Plus-size women don’t buy plus-size clothes

Plus-Size Myths

Ten years ago, the plus-size market was almost non-existent. The clothes were frumpy, loose-fitting, and simply unattractive. Fast-forward to years later, the global plus-size market is in full bloom, with multiple retail stores carrying fashionable options for curvy women. Despite the drastic shift, people are still accusing plus-size women of not spending enough money on plus-size clothes. The one thing that contributes to this belief is the lack of visibility. If both street and high fashion can increase their size range constantly, they’ll be able to realize the potential of the plus-size market. In reality, plus-size women are just as willing to spend money for the sake of fashion like petite women. 

2. All plus-size women have low self-esteem

Plus-Size Model

First and foremost, there’s always something people don’t like about themselves. It could be a huge birthmark on your cheek or your ears being too pointy. Just because you like to change it doesn’t mean you hate yourself entirely. At the same time, there are many plus-size women who find themselves completely content with their size. Associating low self-esteem with size is a display of sheer ignorance.

3. Plus-size women glorify obesity

Ashley Graham
Ever since women started to fight back against body-shamers by parading themselves on fashion blogs and runways, people have been claiming that their movements only glorify the growing cases of obesity. Health is subjective, and you can’t just take one look at a person and decide that they’re obese or not.  

4. All plus-size women want to lose weight

Plus-Size Weight

Since you were young, you were probably presented with photos of what society deems as “beautiful.” A lot of it had something to do with a person’s body size. Since women have been led to believe that a slender and thin body will make you desirable, it makes other people conclude that all plus-size women have made it their goal to lose weight.

Now this plus-size myth is particularly dangerous. Not everyone is obsessed with having a single-digit weight. As stated above, there are many people who are already contented with who they are. And if you happen to be one of those people, then there’s no need to pressure yourself to shed the pounds. 

5. Plus-size women are not strong

Plus-Size Yoga

All bodies can be conditioned to be athletes. It doesn’t matter what weight you are or if you’re born handicapped. Take Jessamyn Stanley for example, this plus-size yoga guru has been featured on BuzzFeed and Cosmo for her extraordinary fight to spread body diversity in the field of sports. Blogger Mirna Valerio is another plus-size athlete to look up to. Valerio once ran 35 miles for 13 hours straight. The best part is that these women aren’t accomplishing all these feats to prove something, they’re doing it because they want to. So if you want to be active and try out a sport, by all means, go for it! 

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