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6 Videos Featuring Plus-Size Runway Fashion

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Fashion is for everyone, even for those with bigger frames and more curves.

The plus-size trend that is now sweeping the fashion industry is making a bold statement of redefining society’s view on what a perfect body is. It has busted stereotypes that dictate how the world should marvel only at the waif-like bodies that are ruling the runways and gracing magazine covers.

The rise of plus size models have proven that even plus-size women can also pull off showcasing haute couture as well as their smaller counterparts. Check out the videos below featuring a number of pieces hot off the fashion runway that are perfect for the beautiful plus-size woman:

See plus-size models sashay down the runway for fashion brand Monif C during the 2010 Full Figured Fashion Week in the video below. From swimwear to business attires, marvel at these full figured beauties who give a new meaning to beauty in the fashion world.

Nothing was able to stop these beautiful and curvaceous women from nailing these sexy outfits as they walked down the runway in the live television show featured in the clip below.

Big is new the sexy! Get to know these stunning plus-size models who’ll give the Victoria’s Secret angels a run for their own money.

It’s Full Figured Fashion Week! Check out these curvaceous ladies nailing it with the latest fashion trends for plus-size women.

Plus-size goes haute couture! From Kris Elisa Lingerie to Purple Diva, check out the top fashion brands for the beautiful plus size person.

Planning for a night out with the girls? Style yourself up for a night of fun with these awesome fashion finds from one of the leading fashion designers for plus-size women from Purple Diva Designs.

Plus-size models have proven that even women with fuller body size can be just as beautiful and amazing as the regular sized models that we see often promoted by the fashion industry. Their arrival in the modeling scene brings out a positive message and empowers other women to love who they are and that size should not be a hindrance in pursuing one’s dream.



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