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First Plus-Size Transgender Model Shay Neary Unveils Collab with Major Fashion Brand

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Model and beauty influencer Shay Neary made headlines last year after she became the first plus-size transgender model to ever star in a major fashion campaign. Neary is now dropping her spring/summer 2017 collab with Yours Clothing, and the Instagram superstar is tapping her fellow trans friends to model the trendy pieces.

Plus-Size Transgender Model Shay Neary Makes UK Debut with Yours Clothing

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Twenty-eight-year-old transgender model Shay Neary partnered up with UK-based fashion brand Yours Clothing. Together, they gathered comments from customers and discovered the considerable lack of guidance for transgender shoppers.  

In a statement given to The Huffington Post, Neary had this to say about the issue:

“Presentation is important, but I’m not saying that you have to impress anyone, except yourself,” she said. Aside from being the brainchild of the campaign, Neary models the collection as well. “Putting yourself together each day will help you get through your day better. Knowing that you look good and feel great can change an entire day.”

Yours Clothing is one of the United Kingdom’s biggest plus-size brands. A majority of their clothing pieces go up to a size 36. For Neary’s collection, she offers a collection of street-ready outfits that are in line with current fashion trends. Aside from the stylish offerings, a style guide for transgender shoppers is available as well.  

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Neary’s style guide contains a number of practical notes straight from the plus-size transgender model herself. An example of which is, “If you’re still in a phase of your transition where you need to tuck, try skirts and flowing items.” Another piece of valuable advice is this helpful lingerie tip: “Lingerie is simple, depending on if you’re wearing forms, or if you’re on hormones. If you don’t know your bra size, find someone who can measure you. Your undergarments are the base of any outfit, they have to fit appropriately.”

Neary has been candid about her opinions about transgender models in the industry. She has pubicly applauded Yours Clothing on their approach to inclusivity and decision to represent the LGBT community in mainstream fashion. The brand feels the same way about Neary, they are looking forward to working with the model for an autumn collection to be launched in the near future. 

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