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Plus-Size Vlogger Loey Lane Tells Off “Fatkini” Haters

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With the summer sun out and about in the wonderful country of USA, one of the sights that are quite common especially in the beach are women in their bikinis.

Because of this, perhaps one of the most talked about topics circulating around the world right now is not about celebrities and their hot bodies in bikinis, but rather of plus size women in bikinis. And, YouTube vlogger Loey Lane is all too familiar with the kind of treatment plus-size women receive from critics.

Plus-Size Vlogger

The 22-year-old fashion vlogger took to YouTube to discuss her distress on the reasons other people say plus-size women should not wear bikinis during summer. In the over four-minute video found on her YouTube account, Lane confronted comments that dictate how “fat girls” should not bare their curvier figure.

Lane began the video by stating the disturbing reality about curvier women in bikinis receiving mixed reviews.

 “I’ve learnt that apparently fat girls in bikinis get a lot of mixed reviews. So, I thought I’d give you a list today of the reasons why fat girls shouldn’t wear bikinis. Apparently.”

Plus-Size Vlogger

This plus-size fashion vlogger then listed the things that people offer as to why plus size women should not wear bikinis. She shares in the video:

“I didn’t realize there was a meeting and all the people who are allowed to decide what’s attractive and what’s not are now commenters on YouTube. Seeing this much skin on a bigger woman makes someone else uncomfortable… Why does someone else get to dictate what you put on your body?

Lane further adds:

“Bigger girls aren’t asking for your feedback.”

Lane further discusses how fat girls are subjected to the same unhealthy criticisms indicating that they promote obesity, just like skinny girls promote anorexia. However, this positive body activist was more than determined to detract critics by explaining, anyone who is a tad larger than the average person is not unhealthy or miserable and not in anyway promoting any disease.

Plus-Size Vlogger

She concluded the video saying there are no valid reasons as to the assumptions that plus-size women are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle with these words:

“So does that mean we get to continue wearing what we want? Hot damn, it’s not the 1950s after all.”

Plus-Size Model
Plus-Size Model
Plus-Size Model

The video has over 4 million views on her official YouTube channel. This plus-size fashion vlogger is the latest addition to a line of names of plus-size personalities who have become body positive activists. She joins the ranks of plus-size celebrities like Candice Huffine, Ashley Graham, and Tess Holliday.

Watch her incredible and empowering video below:

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