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Plus-Size Wedding Dresses: These Brides Prove That Love Sets No Standard Size

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Weddings are mainly about the bride. She should be glamorous, beautiful, sexy, and delicate. In other words, she should be the epitome of the perfect woman. For that one day, she is the star and everything revolves around her.

Women of all shapes and sizes get married, and one of the biggest decisions a bride-to-be will have to make is about her gown. If you are a curvier bride than most, plus-size wedding dresses can be made to order or bought off the rack.

Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

You can find the perfect dress for your wedding day. A few months before the wedding, you will want to go into bridal stores and search online for the types of dresses that appeal to you. Your dress should be suitable for the type of wedding you will be having. If you are having an indoor ceremony, the choices will be different than if you were to hold a beach or garden wedding.

Do Some Research

Do your research beforehand. Look at different silhouettes and decide, which ones appeal to your sense of style. How big and puffy do you want your skirt to be? Know the difference between ballgown, A-line, trumpet, fit-and-flare, and mermaid cuts.

Know What You Want

When you go into the bridal boutique, tell the shop assistant what you are looking for and the budget you have in mind. Then try on several options. You can even try on the cuts that you didn’t plan to wear.  You just need to give yourself an idea of what the different cuts/styles will look like on your body.

Be Prepared for Your Fitting

To prepare for your appointment at the bridal shop, you should have a good pair of underwear. Make sure it’s comfortable because you will be spending quite a bit of time trying on different dresses. Bring a strapless bra and one with straps. Some gowns are structured enough that you will not need to wear a bra, but for bigger women, additional support of good lingerie is usually a necessity.

Also bring with you the shoes that you will be wearing on your wedding day. If you have not bought them yet, then bring a pair of heels that are the same height you intend to wear on the day.

Here are some women who found their perfect plus-size wedding dresses for their wedding day:

Lindy West and Aham

Plus-Size Bride


Rachel Estapa and Adam

Plus-Size Bride


Jemma Merritt and Her Husband

Plus-Size Bride 


Lindsey Kent and Mark

Plus-Size Bride 


Cooke and Kevin

Plus-Size Bride 

Wedding dress shopping can bring out body insecurities. When you are of a larger size, it heightens the anxiety of finding the right gown. However, you should not be affected by the sample sizes when you are dress shopping.

Be happy and confident with your body, and you will find the perfect plus-size wedding dresses to try on. It’s your wedding day, so do not put up with anybody’s standards of beauty. Be yourself. You are going to be the most beautiful bride.

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