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Plus-Size Woman Who Was Once Bullied Is Now a Modelling Competition Finalist

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Diana Sirokai was a harassed teenager, even threatened with a knife by a mean girl during her high-school days.

But she had clearly overcome that and she won third place in the recently concluded Star in a Bra model search.

Plus-Size Woman

The 20-year-old curvy Diana originally hails from Hungary and is currently based in North London as a nail beautician in her own salon.

The bullying started after she appeared in a music video. From then on, jealous peers criticized her for being curvy, they would call her ugly.

“The bullying truly started when I was doing modelling,” revealed the 5 ft 4 in lingerie model. “I did a few music video for London rappers, so kids that were my age would see the videos and they didn’t really like it.”

Plus-Size Woman

Despite the negative comments she was receiving, the size 16 Diana didn’t back down and her self-confidence remained high, which did not sit well with her critics. “I love how I look and I want to be confident,” she said. 

Plus-Size Woman

Diana’s jealous critics refused to recognize her confidence. Until one day, the worst thing happened, a college schoolmate threatened Diana with a knife. 

She said, “I had a fluffy scarf on. When I was walking into college, she said to her friends, ‘Look at her she thinks she’s so nice, look at that scarf, is she serious?’

“I just smiled at her, and she said, ‘Why are you smiling in my face b****? Then she said, ‘You really think you are good looking?'”

Diana, being confident of herself, responded, “Honey, I know I’m good looking.”

Her reply enraged the girl.

“She showed me in her pocket that she had a knife, then she told me that she was going to see me after school. It was scary, honestly, but I felt like I could face it.”

Plus-Size Woman

In spite of the attacks she have been received, Diana said she doesn’t want to change anything, she loves her body regardless. Body-shaming only made her stronger. She tries to ignore all the negative comments and concentrate on her modeling career instead.

She continued, “The knife incident was my lowest point, I just couldn’t believe a girl would do this. It really hurt me and I would cry to my mum and ask why, when I was living my dream would people be mean to me.”

Plus-Size Woman

“It was a massive learning curve, if I was going to pursue this as a job; I knew it was a life lesson. There are always going to be positive and negative people out there and it was a test to see if I could handle it. It made me much stronger,” Diana added.

She may be already happy with her body now, but it’s not always the case. Just like the other adolescents, when Diana was 16, she didn’t like herself.

Plus-Size Woman

She thought she was too big then when in fact she was less curvy than her current size. So she ate less and ran every day. Then one day, she just realized she had learned to accept her body.

Now when she looks at her old photographs, she thinks she looks sexy. 

Diana has an Instagram account with over 17,000 followers. She posts beautiful pictures there. Although she admits she still receives hateful comments, she just tries to ignore them.

“I get a lot of messages, they say things like,’Wow, baby girl, you’re too fat. I think you should lose weight.’

“I don’t understand the people who post these messages. I wouldn’t have the nerve to say it to someone the way they do.”

Plus-Size Woman

This kind of experience made Diana feel that there is really a need to have a plus-size industry to be represented by models, like the girls who won the competition she participated in last May.

“I want to help young women understand that as long as you are healthy, that’s all that matters, and you can’t be healthy without self-love,” she said.

Plus-Size Models

Diana was discovered while working in her shop and was urged to join a contest so she could be the next ambassador for Curvy Kate lingerie.

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