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How a Plus-Size Woman’s Sexy Selfies Incited Comment Wars

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Plus-size fashion blogger and model Courtney Mina caught the attention of netizens everywhere for her post on the website This entry chronicles the success of her Instagram selfies that led to the comment wars on the social media sharing site.

Plus-Size Model


Mina admitted that her voluptuous size greatly contributed to her incredibly shy nature as a young girl. This plus-sized  fashionista shared that she initially thought that there was something ‘erroneous’ with her body, as she did not seem to share the same physical frame like the rest of the kids around her circle. This insecurity was further fueled by constant bullying from her peers.

In order to escape from the incessant bullying, she signed up for her school’s dramatic arts club, where she eventually found her ‘voice’.  However, it was not until her senior year in high school that Mina started to ‘emerge from her shell’.


She narrated how she began to realize, accept and embrace herself. Determined to show the world of her new-found confidence, she made a trip to a local lingerie store and ditched her Wonderbra and granny panties and traded them for sexier pieces.

The Experiment

Mina then took to Instragram for an experiment she created. It involved the plus-size blogger posting selfies on Instgram wearing just her undies.


‘Letting her natural beauty shine’, the positive body image activist posted a photo of herself on the site at least once daily for seven days. She would often add on a bit of makeup and do her hair to achieve the look she was aiming for.

The Result

It comes as no surprise that this fashion blogger garnered quite a following after the experiment. It heralded a series of comments, which she conveniently grouped as the creepy, the negative, and the positive.


The creepy comments, she shares consisted of comments like, “I want 2 do tings 2 dis booty”, “I hope U like dark meat!” and “Very sexy i wanna kiss ur ass”. Mina said that although most women would find these comments disrespectful, she pointed out that they are cat calls, in a way, which stands for the sexualization of a plus-size woman. She further added that such comments justify the purpose of her post, which is to finally be seen and recognized that plus-size women are indeed sexy.

The “negative comments” took another tone. She discovered that some of the comments came after a ‘fat hating user’ tagged a number of her friends on the site. Some of the negative comments she received included, “U fat whale ur disgusting”, “*laughing emoticon*”, and “@tag @tag @tag Ud hit that hahahaha”.

Mina said that ‘concern trolls’ were part of the mix. She stated how trolling would come in the form of people feigning concern for her health, while informing her of the dangers of having her body and how unhealthy it is. She described this as “sizeism”.

She then rallied her defense that size does not determine the health of a person. Mina pointed out how some can people can be fat and unhealthy, while some can also be thin and unhealthy. All bodies are affected by diseases and health hazards.

Meanwhile, the “positive comments” left an impression on her. Although they came from both men and women, she shared how majority of these came from fellow women. Among her favorites were, “I wish I had your confidence!”, “You are my girl crush! You are so inspiring”, and “You help to look in the mirror and love myself, something I never thought I’d be able to do. Thank you”.

The Conclusion

Although posting photos of herself on the site was second nature for this plus-size inspiration, Mina said she feels happy about the result of her experiment. She explained that the aim of her experiment was to send a powerful message to everyone that people of all shapes and sizes should not be ashamed of their body and of who they are.

“Don’t let your fear of random people’s disapproval stop you from loving yourself and showing it. There are so many more people out there who are evolving along with society’s beauty standards who will lift you up, support you, push you, defend you and illuminate you.”

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