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Plus-Size Women Do Yoga in New Ad

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In the fitness world, there are a lot of biases. If you look on social media and all over the Internet, you will find the fittest, most toned bodies all over the place more than willing to expose their bodies. In society, exercise is promoted as something that lean, lithe, and sexy people do, while there is a stereotype that overweight people are lazy and inactive.

There should be no prejudice against plus-size women or men. There’s really no reason to say that a bigger, curvier woman can’t do a particular physical sport or activity, because in reality, there’s nothing that a smaller person can do that they are not capable of achieving. 


Plus-size brand Penningtons, which is also responsible for Melissa McCarthy‘s line, partnered with Dianne Bondy, a plus-size yoga teacher, for their new ad.

The ad shows common misconceptions for why plus-size women can’t be athletic. Among the excuses are that bigger women lack balance, they can’t lift themselves, and they sweat too much. Then Bondy shows off her amazing yoga moves, which defy every criticism.

The marketing director for Penningtons Aspasia Choremis explained that they wanted to show that women shouldn’t be made to feel that they can’t do something because of other people’s perceptions. The video is supposed to be inspiring, not just for plus-size women to start practicing yoga but as a lesson to take in their life in general. The video is about body diversity, being strong enough to break stereotypes, and accepting yourself the way you are. 


They used yogi Dianne Bondy for their ad, but it is so much deeper than just learning to practice yoga. It could be about any activity because as most bigger people know, they always get stared at or get attention when they are doing a sport or athletic activity. The public seems to think that being bigger means being unhealthy and that does not have to be the case.

Bondy, 45, teaches and trains others in her inclusive yoga classes that support people of any size. She has practiced yoga since the age of three. Bondy has said that she has even been scared before going into yoga classes because of her size. She says, “Sometimes people who practice yoga can be very judgmental of what yoga looks like, who get to practice, and who gets to define what yoga is. I often hear comments like, ‘That’s not real yoga.'”

Bondy was happy when Penningtons chose her for the commercial because it will help change the perception and stereotype of what type of person can do yoga. Since the ad has aired, Bondy has been enjoying the positive reception. The commercial has touched many people, and it has received a massive outpouring of support.

Bondy hopes that the ad will inspire plus-size women to start practicing yoga so that they can connect with their bodies. Yoga practice will awaken you to be more aware of your body. You will find a great satisfaction in the practice because it helps you not only with physical ailments like back pain, but it will also help you mentally. Yoga can change the way you see yourself, which is good for your own well-being. A good positive mental outlook will always be healthy whether you are plus-size or straight-size.  

Plus-size women may feel awkward entering a yoga studio or any fitness establishment because they feel that others will judge them. What you need to do is change your mind-set. People will stare at you, and they will make their assumptions. You cannot control them, but you can control your reaction. It doesn’t matter if they judge you because you can ignore them. 

As all plus-size women will know, judgmental people will always be around. There will always be people ready to give their unsolicited opinion. For yourself and your own peace of mind, you have to rise above it. Do what you want and do not let stereotypes and prejudice hold you back. If you want to learn a new skill, whether it’s practicing yoga or another activity, go for it. Your body type and weight should not hold you back because there are ways to modify physical activities so that they work for you and what your body can do.  

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