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Plus-Size Women Find Real Meaning of ‘Sexy’ After Daring Budoir Photo Shoot

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Baring your body and stripping down to your underwear is not easy to do. Many women have self-esteem issues, whether they are regular folks, straight-size, or plus-size models.  Exposing yourself as you are is hard because there is constant unrealistic high standards of beauty placed by society.

It is not surprising that many women have body issues because all over social media, there are ideals of what a woman should look like. There are ideas that to be beautiful and sexy, you need to be this size or that weight. Women all over the world need to, to quote the Justin Timberlake song, “bring their sexy back.” That’s not as easy as it sounds because being sexy is not about wearing little to no clothing but really more about forgetting your preconceived thoughts on sexy being just one size or one type of beauty.

Plus-Size Women

Three writers decided to do a sexy boudoir shoot. Anna Parsons, Kelsea Stahler, and Marie Southard Ospina of online community Bustle did a photo shoot with Shutter Bug Boudoir photographer Michelle Wild.  Although they weren’t sure about doing the shoot, they were pleasingly surprised to find out it wasn’t hard to do at all, and they all enjoyed it while gaining more confidence in themselves.

Plus-Size Women 

Anna was very happy with the result and said that she would post the photos on her OK Cupid profile. She’s confident the sailor-themed photos will catch someone’s attention on the dating Web site.

Kelsea did feel a bit uneasy about doing a boudoir shoot. She says, “I’ve gotten older and things are in different places and feel different and clothes fit differently.” She added that she believes that women who are able to strip for the camera are brave.

One of the women, Marie, had done a boudoir photo shoot previously, but she was still nervous about posing for the camera. The photographer, Michelle, came prepared and surprised the women with a fun way to make what could have been an uncomfortable session a lot of fun. Kelsea was given colorful lollipops to pose with and cover her chest.

Plus-Size Women 

Kelsea posed with the lollipops and nothing but high-waisted red underwear. When asked how she felt during the shoot, she replied that it was “crazy.”  She later explained, “I felt silly because all the things we were playing with were like clothes and candy, like Christmas and childhood . . . but, like, kind of dirty a little bit!” 

Anna had a vintage sailor theme for her pictures. Her hair and makeup was styled to look like a 1950s pinup. She also had some chair poses that were awkward during the shoot, but the photos only show a woman who is very much in control and sure of herself.  

Of the experience, Anna said, “These pictures really capture a confident and sexy woman, but in between takes you’ve got this girl not being able to walk in heels and stuttering. It really shows you how images are really just a millisecond of time.”

Boudoir shoots and other pin-up style photos are part of empowering yourself to be confident with the body you have. You don’t have to pick apart your flaws. The women say that it was a big boost to their self-esteem and empowerment because they stripped down and found that they are beautiful, flaws and all.

Before Kelsea would see herself only as a cute girl or a funny girl. She ruled out thinking she could be sexy, but when she saw her own pictures, she found that she has her own sexiness. She realized she could be all three—cute, funny, and sexy—because they are all part of her personality somehow.

 Doing something you normally wouldn’t do or maybe you are too scared to do can be good for you. These women are not plus-size models. They are just regular women with regular jobs who managed to find a way to regain their sexiness. Sometimes you just need to step away from yourself to see it from another angel or through someone else’s eyes. Then you’ll see that you have nothing to complain about because sexiness is not based on the number inside your pants, but it is about confidence.

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