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Enraged Plus-Size Women Start New Hashtag as a Response to Instagram Banning the Hashtag #Curvy

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Instagram has enraged the community of plus-size women by banning the hashtag #curvy. They banned it because the hashtag was being used for sexually explicit content so as part of the site’s bid to shut down any nudity and adult photographs. It has resulted in anger among body activists and bloggers.

The are fighting back by making a new hashtag and tagging their photos with the word #curvee. These women and bloggers are promoting different body sizes and shapes. The popular #effyourbeautystandards, which was created by model Tess Holliday, is also included in the protest against Instagram. Other popular hashtags are #bringcurvyback and #everybodyisbeautiful.

Plus-Size Women

Many of the images shared using the hashtag #curvee are happy and body positive images. There are confident women showing off their figures. Many women have been angered by the ban. If you search curvy, nothing will appear on the photo-sharing site.

Plus-Size Woman

There are other hashtag variations like #curvygil and #curvygirlfashion that will produce results. It’s only #curvy that has been banned. What’s upsetting the community is that hashtags like #fetishes and #hookers are still searchable.

Plus-Size Woman

This is not the first time that Instagram has caught attention for their bans on the site. Female nipples, obese women, and menstrual blood photos have been deleted in the past because it violated their image policies.

The #curvee movement has quickly become popular, with many women using it for the photos. One plus-size model using the user name @chiara_aprea posted a photo of herself in a polka dot dress with the #curvee hashtag and another body positive #beproudofyou. 

Instagram has a right to take down their content, but before they do so, they should see if there aren’t other more offensive terms to ban. How is #curvy more offensive than #hookers? Before they do an automatic ban, they should at least explain to the public why it is being banned because right now the company just looks foolish for banning a great plus-size hashtag.


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