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Plus-Size Swimwear Shopping Tips to Help You Get Ready for Summer

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It’s officially beach season! Before buying a ticket to Cabo or head out to the West Coast, it is a common time for most women to start swimsuit hunting. But swimwear shopping can be a dreadful experience. There is a high chance that you’ll encounter any of these problems: limited size options, ridiculous price tags, less-than-generous return policies, and style choices that look like they date back to the twentieth century.

That said, swimwear is one of the most returned items in the industry. To avoid making any mistakes, here are tried and tested swimwear shopping tips for our plus-size sisters.

Swimwear Shopping Tips for Finding That Perfect Suit

Figure out the right fit

Swimwear Shopping

Many brands offer interactive tools to help customers find the right fit. For example, online marketplace Lyst has an interactive feature called SwimSeeker, which asks three key questions: which part of their bodies shoppers love, which colors look best on them, and which styles are they looking for. This allows more personalized style choices. Macy’s, JC Penney, and Target all have style, cut, and fit options on their website as well. 

If you are shopping in-store, then understanding your body’s curve and edges is extremely beneficial. For example, if you are pear-shaped, then do your research on what swimsuit shapes complement your body the most. 

Keep an open eye out for discounts

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If you don’t have anything lined up for the first few months of summer, you can always start swimwear shopping in August. August is when suits are 70% off, but do remember that you’ll only get a limited selection by this time! It also helps to stay in the loop with your favorite retailers. So head on over to their sites and hit that e-mail subscription buttons to get updates on discounts and storewide sales.

Familiarize yourself with store policies

Plus-Size Shopping

Not all return policies are the same when it comes to returning swimwear. At T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, tickets need to be properly attached to a swimwear in order to be eligible for a return. It is important to ask about store policies before making a purchase. 

Find more sizes


Fortunately, shopping for stylish plus-size swimwear is easier than before. Gone are the days when plus sizes were online-exclusive. Brands have begun stepping it up by offering more swimsuit options for their curvier customers. If you visit J.C. Penney, for example, you’ll be able to check out Boutique+, the retailer’s exclusive plus-size swimwear brand. 

You can also master the art of mixing pieces if you want to find more sizes for a variety of designs. Retailers like Forever 21 often sell their swimwear in separates, so you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect piece for your bust size and a separate piece for your bottoms.

Lastly, it is important to be body-positive and confident when it comes to shopping! Remember, you can make anything look good as long as you carry yourself with pride. So get out there and find that perfect suit that matches your personal style.

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