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5 of the Most Common Questions About Plus-Size Modeling

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The plus-size sector of the fashion industry is fast-growing. Today, seeing a curvy girl star in campaigns or walk down the runway in major events is no longer an uncommon sight. Experts have even predicted that the plus-size industry is only going to grow bigger and bigger in the years to come.  

These changes have pushed many women to pursue a career in plus-size modeling. So if you happen to have the confidence and curves to make it, then don’t let anything stop you from following your dream. To help get you started, here a few common questions about plus-size modeling.

5 Common Questions About Plus-Size Modeling to Get You Started

What are the physical requirements needed?

Plus-Size Modeling

Generally, plus-size models are size 12 and above. However, the requirements may vary per agency. Others require an hourglass figure, meaning the waist must be 10 inches smaller than hips. But you may find agencies that accept straight-size models or those with athletic bodies. 

Height requirements also vary in the plus-size industry. For runway or high fashion, you need to be at least 5’9″ to 6’0″ feet tall to qualify. Commercial models, on the other hand, can be of any height. Other physical qualities needed are healthy skin, hair, teeth, and nails.  

Are there agencies exclusive to plus-size models?

Plus-Size Model Lingerie

Absolutely! There are hundreds of plus-size modeling agencies stationed in major cities around the world. In fact, fashion capitals like New York and Paris have been producing the biggest names in the industry. Ashley Graham got her start in The Big Apple, she is now considered as the most influential plus-size model in the world, landing huge campaigns under Vogue and walking at the New York Fashion Week.

The first agency to specialize in plus-size models was Big Beauties Little Women. They opened their doors back in 1977 only to be later purchased by Ford a few years later. Ford subsequently opened Ford+, their official plus-size division. Dorothy Combs, 12 Plus UK, and Wilhelmina Models are other major agencies you need to take note of as well. 

How do I apply for plus-size modeling agencies?

Plus-Size Models

All you need to do is to submit your photos to the agency’s website to get shortlisted. You can also head to open casting calls to apply. You do not need an extensive amount of experience to qualify in the first place. All you need to do is get your headshots, comp card, and résuméready. 

What kinds of jobs can plus-size models book?

Plus-Size Casting Call

One of the most common questions about plus-size modeling is the type of jobs you can book. The plus-size industry is remarkably diverse. You can work on runways, magazine editorials, glam modeling, and catalogs, to name a few. All you need to do is search reputable sites for open casting calls. Be cautious, though! There are a lot of ads that are ready to scam you when the opportunity strikes. 

Can plus-size models do high fashion?


Yes! High fashion has come a long way, it is now opening its doors to women of all sizes. As stated above, curvy models are now a fixture on the racks and runways of New York and Paris. Designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Ralph Lauren, and John Galliano are just some of the big names that create luxury plus-size collections. 

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