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Blogger Calls Rihanna ‘Plus-Size’ and the Internet Fights Back

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Body-shaming . . . when will it end? 

The fashion industry has seen a significant shift in the tide over the years. There are curvy women starring front and center in fashion magazines, plus-size models on designer runways, and body-positive role models creating inspiring campaigns each day. But for every step forward, there always seems to be a person or a group of people who choose to pull back. Ironically, a majority of these body-shamers are from the media. Luckily, for this recent issue involving Barbados beauty Rihanna, the Internet wasn’t afraid to fight back.

Singer Rihanna Labeled “Plus-Size” by Blogger

Rihanna Valerian Premiere

Singer and actress Rihanna is a pop culture icon and sex symbol of her generation. She is known for taking bold fashion risks and creating iconic red carpet moments. Her outfits for her recent press tour for the movie Valerian drew positive feedback from style experts. Though magazines and websites were quick to applaud the “Work” singer for her couture looks, one blogger is feeling the wrath of the Internet after she labeled the performer plus-size.

The whole mess started when blogger Sandra Rose published an article last week with the title “Plus-Size Singer Rihanna Stuns at ‘Valerian’ Premiere.” To no one’s surprise, the use of the term “plus-size” sparked outrage from RiRi’s fans, known as the RihannaNavy, as well as other Twitter users. In her defense, Rose had this to say about the decision to use the term plus-size:

“If Rihanna is not plus-size, what is she?” Rose wrote on her blog. “Let’s examine the fashion industry standard for plus-size models. According to PLUS Model magazine, plus-size is defined as sizes 10–14; super-size is sizes 16 and up. At 5-ft-9 and about 160 pounds, Rihanna fits the category of plus-size.” 

The Grammy Award–winning singer, who has a supporting role in Valerian, has always been naturally curvy. She has never been apologetic about showcasing her proud Caribbean assets in daring dresses. Aside from being an advocate for self-love, she has also worked hard to bring education in third-world countries. 

Valerian Premiere

Despite RiRi’s success and influence on and off the screen, people still choose to pick on her size. This isn’t the first time she was body-shamed online. Just last May, Barstool Sports blogger Chris Spags wrote an article about Rihanna “getting fat.” He was promptly fired by the website. As for Sandra Rose’s post, the blogger decided to keep the article despite the backlash.

The sizing world can be confusing. If a model like Karlie Kloss, who wears a size 4, can be told she’s too fat by casting agents, then it proves that there is just no pleasing fashion standards. Nonetheless, Rihanna looks amazing and comments like this shouldn’t bring her down.

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