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5 Rising Plus-Size Models to Watch This Year

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Newly launched plus-size clothing lines, body-positive movements, and big-name brands extending their size range—the past year has been eventful for the curvy men and women. Although there are still those who refuse to let go of their beauty standards that only recognize slim and tall women, some have chosen to change their definition of beauty.

So it does not come as a surprise that more and more plus-size models are getting invited to walk the runway for famous designers, and have starred in the biggest campaigns. Ashley Graham is just one of these successful plus-size models, if not the most successful. She’s been selected as Revlon’s newest brand ambassador, has hosted shows and served as judge in some, and has graced the cover of various magazines including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Sports Illustrated.

But the plus-size modeling industry is not just about Graham. Following her footsteps are rising plus-size models who in one way or another have proven that beauty does not stop at a certain size.

5 Rising Plus-Size Models to Watch Out For

Here are five of the rising plus-size models that are worth your attention—and support.

Tabria Majors

Tabria Majors

Tabria Majors first gained worldwide attention in November 2017 when she recreated Victoria’s Secret adverts. When VS had a fashion show, they booked a total of 52 models, but none of them were plus-size. So Majors took it to her own hands and recreated the photos donning the same pieces.

The photos went viral, and Majors became a sensation. Now the 28-year-old is one of the most sought-after plus-size models, even becoming one of the first plus-size black models to be featured in Sports Illustrated.

Vivian Eyo-Ephraim

Vivian Eyo-Ephraim

When ASOS launched their 2018 swimwear line, it’s just not their products that gained attention. A lot of the praises the campaign received went to the star of the video it released alongside its big launch, Vivian Eyo-Ephraim.

The stint helped boost Vivian’s modeling career. Now one of the rising plus-size models, Vivian has modeled for Curvy Kate and even opened the show at UK Plus-Size Fashion Week sporting a Marks & Spencer creation.

Molly Constable

Rising Plus-Size Models - Molly Constable

Who would’ve thought Playboy would actually shoot with a plus-size model! In 2017, magazine proved that they too know what real beauty is.

The magazine collaborated with plus-size model Molly Constable for a photo shoot that is certainly one for the books. Molly became the first-ever plus-size model to be featured by the famous men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine. Before her Playboy gig, Molly has already worked with Harper’s Bazaar, Addition Elle, and Galore. Until now, the young model continues to prove that she’s one to watch out for, having recently been cast as one of the Savage x Fenty models.

Hunter McGrady

Hunter McGrady

She may be the first plus-size model to be on the cover, but Ashley Graham is not the only one to ever grace the pages of Sports Illustrated. Hunter McGrady became the mag’s curviest model ever when she was featured in SI‘s 2017 swimsuit issue. Hunter received positive feedback from everyone, and it helped her build a strong career as a curvy model. Hunter was recently featured in Vogue Italia‘s April issue, and she also launched a plus-size collection, in partnership with lingerie brand Playful Promises.

Erica Lauren

Rising Plus-Size Models - Rising Plus-Size Models - Erica Lauren

It’s been three weeks since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s grand wedding, but it seems like the royal wedding fever is still there. And plus-size model Erica Lauren might have just benefited from this, as on the days following the wedding, people started to notice her resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex.

Erica even shared a side-by-side photo of her and the former actress. A lot of media outlets have picked up the word and suddenly Erica is the star of every article. This helped the model land a some gigs that she can add to her already growing list of modeling works. Erica has modeled for brands like Fashion Nova, Simply Be, and Windsor.

The plus-size modeling industry may not be as big, but its rise proves one important point: there’s more to beauty than being thin and tall. These rising plus-size models are here to stay and show that they are a force to be reckoned with, and people’s standards will not stop them from doing so.

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