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Curves on the Runway: Alexander McQueen Diversifies Model Line-Up by Adding Plus-Size Beauties

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Body diversity has and always will be a hot topic during Fashion Week. New Fashion Week has taken great strides in making sure that all women feel welcome. This year, designers cast a total of 90 plus-size models for their shows. Though this event’s number is a great improvement compared to last year’s, it should be noted that a majority of these models are walking for plus-size brands like Addition Elle and Torrid. So to be more specific, the total number of plus-size models should be narrowed down to a mere 34, if you were to exclude the designers mentioned above. These 34 models are poised to walk for brands like Anna Sui, Michael Kors, Cristian Siriano, and Prabal Gurung, all of whom made a firm decision to increase their size range when presenting their lines.

Now it looks like another big name in fashion is joining the roster. Last Monday, Sarah Burton‘s Alexander McQueen line made a life-changing announcement. For the first time ever, the high-fashion brand included two plus-size models in their line-up. Making the cut was Norwegian rookie Eline Lykke and Dutch model Betsy Teske. Both women were handpicked by McQueen’s casting director, Jess Hallet, who said that the decision to become more inclusive “was all about sisterhood and celebrating femininity.”

2 Plus-Size Models Walk Alexander McQueen’s New York Runway Show

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Feminity has always been a staple with Alexander McQueen. But for this season, Sarah Burton and her team decided to take things a step further. As always, fashion’s top models were on hand to showcase the designer’s signature florals and frills. But noticeably extra chic on the runway were fresh faces Eline Lykke and Betsy Teske, European plus-size models that represent a new wave of fashion stars taking over the industry. 

So far, the responses have been overwhelmingly positive. Fashion blogger Sussie Bubble was among those who took to Instagram to express her gratitude toward Sarah Burton for taking a bold new direction. Aside from McQueen, there are unfortunately only a handful of Paris-based brands that have considered size diversity. Others have opted for straight-sized models, which only marks how reluctant how high fashion is when it comes to embracing all sorts of body types. Hopefully, McQueen’s move will inspire other labels to follow suit. After all, a woman’s body comes in all shapes and sizes, so what’s the point of limiting it to a single body type? 

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