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Sabina Karlsson: Swedish Plus-Size Model Featured in Stunning Global Campaign

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Swedish model Sabina Karlsson is one of the most sought-after models today. She may not have the svelte figure that standard models have, but she certainly has the looks and drive to make it big. Karlsson has worked with top designers like Jean Paul Gautier and Armani. 

In a commercial revealed during the 2017 Golden Globes, Sabina Karlsson stars alongside the biggest names in fashion and Hollywood for L’Oreal’s True Match campaign. 

Sabina Karlsson Joins Blake Lively in L’Oreal Campaign

Sabina Karlsson, Model

At the age of 17, Sabina Karlsson was already trying to make a name for herself in the fashion industry. While a lot of agencies marveled over her exotic looks, not many casting directors were too happy about her weight. Karlsson resorted to crash diets and exercise regimes that ultimately took a toll on her health. 

On 2010, Karlsson finally decided to transition to plus-size instead of jeopardizing her health. She would later go on to join the ranks of Ashley Graham and Philomena Kwao in celebrating body positivity. 

Model Shoot, Sabina Karlsson

Karlsson continues to promote diversity in fashion and beauty by starring in the L’Oreal True Match Campaign. She joins a diverse group of influential people who happen to have found their perfect “match” in each of the foundation’s 33 shades. Aside from Karlsson, L’Oreal unveiled their first male brand ambassador, Darnell Bernard, and joining them were transgender model Hari Nef, fellow plus-size model Marquita Pring, as well as a pregnant Blake Lively

“There are so many doors that need to be opened, and I’m just trying to open one door at a time,” Karlsson told Bustle. “Everything is changing, and it’s taking its time. But it is happening, which I’m really happy about.”

By the looks of it, the beauty industry is far more advanced than fashion when it comes to representing diverse women. During the 1990s, Revlon hired plus-size model and body image advocate Emme Aronson as a brand ambassador. Queen Latifah also became the face of CoverGirl’s Queen Collection, a line made specifically for women of color. Years later, they collaborated with the television drama Empire and featured Gabourey Sidibe in one of their ads.

A big name brand teaming up with a diverse group marks a new change in the industry as a whole. Check out the clip below and prepare to be inspired. 

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