Plus-Size Modeling Tips

PR Professional Sarah Sapora Shares Top Tips for Plus-Size Models

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Sarah Sapora runs a successful blog called Sarah Plus Life: The Blog. She has written a dozen articles about body positivity, fashion, and real-life experiences for women everywhere. On top of that, Sarah has built a successful career in public relations, and due to her exposure to fashion, she has extensive knowledge about the plus-size industry.

As someone who works with a ton of models behind the camera, Sarah is ready to share everything she knows about plus-size modeling to all you plus-size models. Her information comes from the viewpoint of your potential clients. A more concrete example is the person-in-charge (PIC) of your photo shoots.

Sarah Sapora shares firsthand scoop on how aspiring plus-size models can increase their chances of getting booked over and over again.

Sarah Sapora: Industry Tips Plus-Size Models Can Take Note Of

Plus-Size Woman

Rule # 1: Service the brand, not yourself

Sarah Sapora: You are here for the PIC, the one running the photoshoot. The PIC is there for The Brand. Therefore, you are there for The Brand. Your presence exists to help the brand achieve their goals. A photo shoot is not about you. It is about the goals that The Brand has. For the most part, you are replaceable. Therefore, don’t do anything that takes away from the shoot and puts the attention on you as a person. The attention should always be on the end result.

It is best that you learn to respect your client. After all, you owe it to them for offering you the job in the first place. So take for example you wish to capture a photo of yourself to share to your friends and family in social media. Before you do so, see to it that you ask permission first. Most fashion campaigns are shot months before the actual release, so your client might not be too keen about you posting something that is currently under wraps. 

Sarah Plus Life

Rule # 2: Prepare and be prepared

Sarah Sapora: If there is something The Brand needs to know about you that will affect the productivity and result of its shoot, it is your duty to let them know.  One of the worst things you can do is catch them off guard with anything that will affect their productivity or end result. End result = money. Anything you do that puts The Brand in a position to lose money is bad for them and bad for you.

Be completely honest with your clients. If you have tattoo markings, then come clean and ask if you should conceal it. Not only will this earn you a reputation of being trustworthy, but this also allows the PIC to prepare in advance. 

Plus-Size Fashion Industry

Rule # 3: Be gracious

Sarah Sapora: Always have manners. Say “please” and “thank you” to everyone from the lowest assistant to the person behind the big doors. Everyone will remember your personality and will appreciate this.

This is pretty self-explanatory. There is no greater display of professionalism than grace and politeness. So try to be on your best behavior during campaign shoot at all times. 

Rule # 4: Know what works—but also be willing

Sarah Sapora: Every plus-size model has a different body. Different poses and angles work differently for different people. Know what looks good for your body. How to stand, turn, and shape yourself. At the same point in time, let the PIC take you out of your comfort zone. This is a marriage and dance between you and the PIC. You must trust them to lead you and the must trust you have the skill to follow.

It is important to be open-minded when it comes to photo shoots. Don’t be afraid to share your input if you have something in mind. Some PICs are straightforward when it comes to what they envision the shoot to be, so prepare to take instructions right away. 

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