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Shopping Tips for Plus-Size Ladies

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At the turn of each season is a chance for you to update your wardrobe. Before you rush off to the next sale to stock up on next season’s clothes, keep in mind that you don’t have to buy a lot. Aim to shop smart instead of splashing out cash on many random sale items, which can add clutter to your closet. Listed below are a few tips that plus-size ladies can use the next time they go shopping.

Shopping Tips

1. Do a shopping trip for research.

Do not go out and buy everything all at once. Before you go out, you should have an idea of what you need to purchase. Take some time to go to the stores just to browse the racks. Compare the prices at each store you go to, and when you get home, plan your shopping trip. This strategy will leave you with better choices instead of a mishmash of garments that do not go well together.

2. Get inspiration from your friends.

If you have a stylish friend or someone whose style you would like to emulate, get inspiration from them. If you can take a look at their wardrobe or observe the way he/she puts together an outfit. You can learn a lot by browsing magazines and taking inspiration from someone.

3. Splurge on quality and buy inexpensive basics.

Make wise buys. Splurge on a timeless classic like a coat, but shop in inexpensive stores for trendy tees and other basics. For things like shorts, tank tops, T-shirts, and plain sweaters, you do not need to spend a fortune. You’ll be changing them out by next season, so do not spend money on things that will not last you years of use. 

Shopping Tips

4. Choose a good mix of sale price and regular price garments.

Save your money and do not buy pieces just because they are on sale. If you find something you love and you know you’ll be wearing it often, it’s okay to pay full-price. When you think about it, a sale item that doesn’t get worn is actually more expensive when you compute the cost per wear of all the items in your wardrobe. 

Shopping Tips

5. You don’t always have to shop off-season.

When you shop off-season, of course you will save money. If you change your look or style, this shopping technique might not be useful to you. For trendy items, it’s best to buy them when they are in fashion because by next year the trend could be over. 

Shopping Tips

6. Focus on what you need not what you want.

To be a wise spender, you need to know the difference between what you need and what you want. When you buy a basic item, like a black dress for example, you know that item will get a lot of use. If you spot something that is gorgeous but you don’t know where you could wear it, chances are you will not miss it if you do not purchase it.

It is helpful to do a closet inventory at least twice a year. Take a look at the items and donate what you know you will not use anymore. When you streamline and organize your closet, you will know exactly what is missing, whether you need a new jacket or new pair of jeans.

Shopping Tips

7. Choose a color palette and choose items based on that.

Don’t buy random items without a plan in mind. Find a color palette like neutrals, black, navy, or cocoa brown and make wardrobe choices based on your preferred colors. If you do not have a look or color palette in mind, you will end up with a wild mix of colors.  You save more money when you are able to mix and match the different pieces to make different looks.

These are just simple tips to updating your wardrobe so that you plus-size ladies remain on trend without necessarily spending a fortune. Having a few great pieces that you can use on multiple occasions will keep you looking good throughout the year. And lastly, the most important tip is to have great quality underwear.  Your underwear is the foundation for any outfit, and it’s important that you have the right support and coverage that your curvy body needs.

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