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Plus-Size Model Simone Mariposa Promotes Body Positivity with #WeWearWhatWeWant

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Plus-size model and designer Simone Mariposa is using the hashtag #WeWearWhatWeWant to change the way women see themselves. The movement is inspiring women to post pictures of themselves wearing outfits that society would deem unacceptable for their body types. Just a few days after Mariposa first posted this, the hashtag went viral.

Simone Mariposa: #WeWearWhatWeWant a direct hit to body shamers

#WeWearWhatWeWant, Simone Mariposa

There’s no denying that society can be very judgmental nowadays. It seems like people have nothing to do other than judge how another person looks, acts, and feels. Social media has also become a common platform to send such hate, but the ladies who are sharing #WeWearWhatWeWant are shutting critics down in the classiest ways possible.

Simone Mariposa, having been on the receiving end of these bullies, shared that the hateful comments may have hurt at first but they weren’t enough to derail her.

“My body image suffered greatly from it. I stopped wearing my legs and arms out, I stayed away from clothes that accentuated my belly fat, and I was extremely self conscious in public. However, after a while, I stopped letting society dictate my wardrobe, and starting wearing things that I always dreamed of wearing that made me feel beautiful.”

Simone Mariposa added that she got her inspiration to start the hashtag after a fellow plus-size model shared an experience where she was shamed for her choice of clothing. She then went to her Twitter to voice her frustrations over the story.

“I read a story on my Twitter timeline from a woman, @thesoulasylum, and she talked about witnessing a woman being looked down upon for wearing something that didn’t hide her body. So many women have been in this same position and it can be detrimental to our self-esteem. I wanted women to know that they’re allowed to show off their bodies and be proud of themselves.” 

The movement transcends to more than just the right of plus-size women to wear any piece of clothing, but #WeWearWhatWeWant also aims to remind young women everywhere that they can take charge of their own fashion rules without the need for anyone’s approval. 

#WeWearWhatWeWant, Twitter

Now that media is getting wind of the #WeWearWhatWeWant movement, Simone Mariposa is hoping that this puts an end to online harassment for good. She also continues to encourage other women to keep sharing their images online and aims to work on building an offline support group as well. Mariposa leaves this inspiring words for everyone:

“I believe people should know that by being a confident plus-size woman, I’m not telling people to gain weight and be big like me. I want people to love themselves the way they are, and they don’t need to conform to society’s beauty standards in order to love themselves and be proud of their bodies. Also, size does not directly determine health. There are many visibly plus women who lead healthy happy lives.” 

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