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‘Sports Illustrated’ Taps Any Body Co.’s Kate Wasley for Annual Swimsuit Edition

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The temperatures may be taking a nosedive, but you can leave it to Sports Illustrated to bring in the heat. The magazine’s annual swimsuit edition is nearing its release, and the women are more confident than ever. In the past, SI has tapped the likes of plus-size model Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley for the swimsuit edition. Graham even made history as the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of the popular magazine.

As SI shoots their 2018 issue in Aruba, a swim rookie is currently making a lot of buzz online thanks to a cult following on Instagram. Aussie model Kate Wasley has been causing quite the stir lately, as the 23-year-old beauty made headlines early this year for starting the body-positive Instagram page Any Body Co. with her best friend Georgia Gibbs. Incidentally, Gibbs was tapped to join the shoot as well.

Body Positivity Advocates Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley Score ‘Sports Illustrated’ Cover

Gibbs and Wasley

Kate Wasley and Georgia Gibbs have become known worldwide for supporting positive body image. The pair first shot to fame after Gibbs posted a photo of them on social media. They initially thought it was nothing but a harmless photo of two friends having fun, but to the girls’ surprise, it elicited a dozen of unwanted negative comments, many of which were “fat-shaming” Wasley.

 “I’m not trying to hate at all, it’s obvious you and your friend are completely different sizes and there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s also nothing wrong with being next to each other in a photo,” one person wrote. “I don’t think that’s what people’s issue is at all; this photo, in particular, DOES look photoshopped.”

“It looks like you’ve dragged your stomach inwards slightly pulling your friend’s stomach outwards. It could just be the angle you’re at, but I can see why people think it’s photoshopped 100%. Sorry but I’m not sorry,” another person commented.


The reaction gave the models a harsh wake-up call: People weren’t used to seeing two different sized women together. In an effort to change the way society views women’s bodies, Gibbs and Wasley created @any.body_co, an inspiring Instagram account with the tagline “There’s no size standard for today’s woman.” 

The account recently posted a video of them in Aruba during a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue. Given the global following of the magazine, the Australian beauties are hoping that more people will expand their idea of what beauty is. Gibbs, who wears a size 6, and Wasley, who is a size 22, thanked SI for the wonderful opportunity and called them a magazine “that embraces beauty with no boundaries, shape, size, background, markings.” 

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