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Stefania Ferrario Campaigns to Drop ‘Plus Size’ Label

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Twenty-three-year-old Stefania Ferrario is creating a name for herself in the fashion industry. Not only did she work alongside fashion consultant Gok Wan for Target Australia, but pop culture icon Dita Von Teese tapped Ferrario for her personal line with Australian department store Myer. However, this gorgeous Australian model is more than just a pretty face. Stefania Ferrario is using her powerful voice to urge the fashion industry to #DropThePlus. 

Stefania Ferrario Calls for an End for Labels

Stefania Ferrario

In the United States alone, the average clothing size for women runs from size 12 to size 14, while in the UK women average at a size 8. So in no way does Stefania Ferrario’s campaign intend to alienate these sizes. Instead, she is calling to end the labels for good. In an interview with Broadly, Ferrario stated that she urges the industry to drop the prefix “plus-size” and refer her and other women who share her body type as just “models” instead.  

“So all those women are then classified as abnormal. All these young girls are looking to the fashion industry for inspiration and seeing models that are their size being labelled as plus size.”

Generally, the fashion industry labels plus-size models as those ranging from a size 8 to 12. Some models who are size 6 are even labeled as plus-size, and it should be noted that all of this actually depends on their body type.  

Plus-Size Models

For a big part in her life, Stefania Ferrario had only seen tan and slim models gracing magazine covers and runway shows.  “I had to unlearn what society had taught me,” Ferrario says in the aforementioned interview. “It was about having to reject what had been imprinted on me from such a young age.”

Her path to modeling wasn’t exactly a yellow brick road either. Back when she was 16, Ferrario weighed a whopping 19 kilos less than she did today, but she was still told that she needed to lose more weight if she wanted to pursue a career in modeling. 

Now Stefania Ferrario knows that her worth is way more than merely the size of her waist. She continues to share her movement of promoting body positivity and acceptance to her large social media following. 

“I’m representing an audience that hasn’t found that representation in the modelling industry, so I do feel a sense of responsibility. I try to be as open and honest as I can about my body and the struggles I’ve been through.”

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