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Straight/Curve: New Documentary on the Rise of Plus-Size Industry

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Willowy and waif like bodies were all the rage back in the day.

However, a new movement is taking the fashion world by storm that is redefining society’s definition of beauty.

Ashley Graham

A new documentary that explores the rise of the plus size in the fashion industry will be hitting airwaves in the fall of 2016. Fittingly titled as Straight/Curve, the documentary explores the rising revolution of the plus size model in the fashion business.

Produced by Franses Simonovich and Jessica Lewis, the upcoming documentary also features the relationship between the industry and the media as well how these two influence society and their views on body image.

Plus-Size model

‘We have a problem. I know beautiful people who are size zero and are naturally that way, but to say that that’s the only beauty that should be showcased is not realistic and hurts our society. We have been starved of the curvy woman for so long – pun intended.’

This is what model Leah Kelley said about how size zero is considered the norm in the fashion business. She has been an IT girl by Elle Magazine and is one of the models to be featured in the clip.

The documentary will also feature interviews from several key figures in the industry such as photographers, stylists and magazine editors to name a few. Plus-size models like Jennie Runk and Heather Hazzan are also some of the famous plus size faces who will be featured in it.

Jennie Runk
Heather Hazzan

Some of the issues that will be highlighted in the documentary also include the devastating effect of society’s standard on beauty that can hurt a girl’s self esteem and the hesitance of fashion brands to cater to the larger and curvier community.

Georgina Burke

As plus size model Georgina Burke says in one of the interviews in the highly anticipated documentary:

“The day where we don’t get so excited about seeing a plus-size model in a magazine is the day we’ve made it.”

Check out the trailer of this upcoming documentary below:

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