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Plus-Size Model Recreates Victoria’s Secret Campaigns and the Results Are Undeniably Sexy

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On the official company website, Victoria’s Secret writes the tagline “The World’s Best Bras.” There’s no denying that the company delivers high-quality undergarments at a reasonable price. But despite the fact that Victoria’s Secret caters to all sorts of women, there’s a considerable lack of representation for plus-size women in their campaigns. In fact, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has yet to address the call for plus-size models on the runway. 

Supermodel Ashley Graham has repeatedly asked for the brand to hire a plus-size model for their show, especially when you consider how main competitor Aerie has been hiring a diverse range of bodies for their campaigns. But the brand has remained mum on the issue. So model Tabria Majors is stepping out by recreating classic Victoria’s Secret campaign ads to show the world that curvy girls can very much sell lingerie like straight size models can. 

Tabria Majors Recreates Classic Victoria’s Secret Campaign Because ‘It Ain’t Happening’ in Real Life

Tabria Majors Recreates Classic Victoria's Secret Campaign

To get her point across, Tabria Majors posted the photos on her public Instagram account. The images have clearly resonated with the crowd since her gallery has racked up more than 30,000 likes along with comments of support from men and women everywhere. 

Majors, who hails from New York City, started sharing photos of her in VS lingerie after the brand announced their model lineup early last month. She was one of the many people who noticed that not one of the 52 models were plus-size. 

Sharing her recreated photos, Tabria wrote,

“Maybe I’ll be a Victoria’s Secret Angel this year for Halloween, since it ain’t happening in real life lol. Just paying homage to a few of my favorite pics/outfits from VS here and showing that curvy girls can rock (and sell) lingerie just as well as straight size models.”

Just how beautifully sexy Tabria looks in her photos shouldn’t even be up for discussion. It continues to make one wonder why Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t want someone as confident as her to represent the brand. Whether Victoria’s Secret cites cost reasons or if the underlying issue has something to do with company image, it is about time more brands embrace diverse bodies. 

Model Tabria Majors has been recreating Victoria’s Secret campaigns and posting them on her Instagram account

Tabria Majors Photoshoot

The results are stunning! Majors proves that curvy models can look as good as straight-size models too

Tabria Majors Plus-Size

Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing Majors walk the Victoria’s Secret runway this year. But don’t fret, she’s got some exciting projects in the works!

Model Tabria Majors Plus-Size

Tabria Majors recently appeared in Sports Illustrated open casting call where she placed in the Top 15. Here’s to more success in the future!


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