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Is the Term ‘Fatkini’ Inspiring or Plain Insulting?

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Positive thinking and accepting one’s own body image is the main idea for every plus size campaign there is. However, one of the most popular terms that emerged from these campaigns is ‘fatkini’. The term was born from a summer trend that celebrated voluptuous women donning on bikinis that were only thought to be fashionably legal on women several sizes smaller than they are.

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Like most positive body image campaigns, fatkini was a response to ‘fat shaming’ that surrounded women who are curvier than most models seen wearing and flaunting the latest trends in summer wear. So, what started out as an innocent move to showcase their body without shame turned out to become one of the most moving campaigns about the plus sized community.

With summer just around the corner, it as no surprise that this trend will soon be hitting social media.

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Despite the ample amount of positivity that came with the movement, it also came under scrutiny. Like the word “plus size”, some people are quite adamant at the term fatkini, because according to some it contains the derogatory word, “fat”.

A lot of people think of the word “fat” as limiting and they believe that this will only point out one specific body type as different from what is deemed acceptable by societal standards.

However, a portion of the populace seem to embrace the term rather than drop it, just like the campaign launched by Australian personality Arjay Rochester and model Stefania Ferrario called, ”

Drop the Plus Campaign
Drop the Plus Campaign

. The aim of this movement was to drop the term “plus size” for the same reason thought of by the people who do not like term, “fatkini”.

Embracing the term for many means there is nothing to be ashamed of about having a body that is curvier and fuller than other women. For them, it is all about finding the confidence to flaunt your body without having to submit to certain labels or in this case hashtag campaigns, just so the whole world will know how proud you are of your own body, regardless of shape and size.

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