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Tess Holliday Shows Up at All-Plus-Size Pool Party in Gorgeous Two-Piece

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Gorgeous model  Tess Holliday was back, looking her absolute best at a pool party organized as a body-positive place for plus-size women.

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The model was at the pool party in the Custom Hotel in Los Angeles. The 31-year-old was joined by bloggers and fellow plus-size body positive activists for the Golden Confidence Pool Party.

The founder of the pool party series, Essie Golden, explained to reporters that the event “‘was started to give plus-size women a positive, fun, and safe space to wear their swimsuits and to be surrounded by women who look like them.”

Plus-Size Models

This was the second year of this annual event. There are also other similar parties to be held in New York and Miami in the next month. The demand for Golden Confidence events is increasing so there are plans to go international with the pool party events.

Golden further explains, “Many of the women who attend are wearing a swimsuit for the first time in their life. People who attend this event give each other encouragement and boost each other’s confidence.”

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“Golden confidence is all about embracing your beauty, shining bright, and projecting your confidence in anything you wear,” she added.

Tess Holliday, who welcomed her second child only last month, looked great at the event.  She wore a colorful two-piece and had flowers in her hair.

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Before she showed off her swimwear, she was seen wearing a turquoise kaftan.

Plus- Size Models

Nearly 200 people attended the event. Another model on the guest list for the party was Sheila Lopez who said, “Women should feel like this and feel like part of a community anywhere they go.”

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After the party, Tess criticized the paparazzi for taking photos of her and talking about her post-baby body.

“Just curious, can I still ‘flaunt my post baby body’ when paparazzi are taking my photo without my knowledge?” she wrote on her social media page.

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“I mean, I still look good but yea. What is the deal with new mothers who are in the spotlight being pressured to bounce right back after giving birth! Get the f*** outta here, leave our bodies alone.”

She added to the post, “I’m criticizing the media for the pressure put on new moms, I’m not mad they said I looked good, etc., but the implication that as new mom’s that’s something we should strive for and be proud of.”

This is not the first time Tess has had criticisms against the media, she is very outspoken. But she is right, it was an event supporting body confidence and body positivity. Having the perfect post-baby body didn’t need to be highlighted by the media covering the event. Being a body-positive activist is about being proud of your body at any size.

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