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Tess Holliday Stars in Editorial Campaign for Body Positivity

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Tess Holliday is bringing her campaign for body positivity across the pond. The size 26 model recently teamed up with e-commerce site eBay for their brand-new plus-size section called Curve Fashion Hub. Aside from Holiday, featured in the campaign are Callie Thorpe and Britain’s first Asian curve model Bishamber Das. 

A spokesperson for the company praised the three new ambassadors for their involvement in the project.  

“When selecting our ambassadors for the Curve Collective, we knew Bishamber, Callie, and Tess were the perfect partners. They are all incredibly accomplished women who represent the broad spectrum of our community. At eBay, we aim to respond to what shoppers want. Our ambition is to inspire women and allow them to buy fashion with confidence and ease, no matter what their size.”

Tess Holliday Leads Online Body Positivity Campaign

Tess Holliday

Holiday’s efforts come under the heels of Victoria Beckham‘s controversial runway show at this year’s NYFW. On the said show, Beckham was criticized for only booking skinny models. Tess Holliday, along with the other models involved, want to combat the fashion industry’s standards of beauty. 

Curve Fashion Hub showcases a diverse range of stylish pieces with sizes ranging from 18 to 36. Holliday even led the groundbreaking Curve Fashion Festival parade at The Exhibition Centre Liverpool to show her commitment toward her new campaign. 

Hitting Back at the Critics

Plus-Size Model

Like many plus-size models in the fashion industry, Holliday was also a subject of bullying. She recently gave birth to her son Bowi Juniper with husband Nick. Holliday took this as an opportunity to showcase her message of body positivity to the world by posing candid photos of her growing baby bump to her huge social media following. She also made it a point to clear out any rumors that her weight was endangering the health of her unborn son. 

“I literally saw my OB/GYN yesterday and everything’s fine,” she said in an interview with ET this year. “He’s happy. Everything’s fine and I’m fine.”

Despite the constant flow of hateful comments against her, Tess Holliday is certainly unfazed. With her new line of clothing that promotes body positivity, she does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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