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Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday Gets a Tropical-Themed Baby Shower—with ‘Gender-Neutral’ Gifts

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The birth of her second child is only weeks away, and plus-size model Tess Holliday wanted to celebrate the upcoming arrival. She can’t go off on a vacation, but she did bring the islands to her living room.

The thirty-year-old had a baby shower with a tropical theme. The party also doubled as a housewarming. She and her fiance, Nick Holliday, invited their closest friends to celebrate. The party was at their Long Beach, California, home. 

They did not scrimp on the decorations. It was completely Hawaiian with straw umbrellas, pineapple-shaped desserts, and drinks with cocktail umbrellas.

Plus-Size Model

The perfectly planned party was all coordinated to the theme. The dress that Tess wore had a palm leaf print that complemented the theme well. She was styled by her friend Tiffany Kaelin. She completed her outfit with a head-turning embellishment on her head that featured a pineapple and tropical flowers.

Head to toe, Tess was all decked out for her party. Priscilla Ono gave her a fabulous Aloha baby–themed manicure. Her nails had different designs and even the phrase “oh, baby.”

Tess' Manicure

Her partner, Nick, was more than happy to join in on the fun. He wore a tropical shirt and jeans for their party. 

All around their backyard were flower garlands, umbrellas, and other Hawaiian vacation–themed decor. The best part was their food. The menu included pulled pork, sushi, and a dessert bar stuffed with sumptuous sweets.

Having a Baby

The dessert buffet had a cake with a flamingo and palm tree design and huge pineapple-shaped cookies. California Donuts made pineapple and palm tree donuts for the occasion. The bakery showed off their creations on their Instagram page, captioning the photo “When Momma says ‘it’s tropical themed.'” 

Dessert Buffet

Since it was a baby shower, there were baby gifts. The sweet gifts had a gender neutral theme. One of the items had the slogan “gender is a drag” written on it.  

Tess wrote on her Instagram page, “We had such a magical day celebrating our little sprouts impending arrival! She later added “Our (soon to be) baby is already so loved (& well dressed!).”

Tess, who was born as Ryann Hoven, is already mother to ten-year-old Rylee, her son from a previous relationship. She has spoken out about her pregnancy, saying that she is more at ease with her body now. When she had a baby before, she wasn’t truly one with herself. She did not love herself entirely, but this time around, she is relishing her experience. Every kick is incredible to her.

Plus-Size Women

 Even though she is expecting a baby, she still finds herself being attacked and bullied for her size. She said, “I get constantly shamed and criticized for existing in this bod.”

Her experience with fat-shaming during pregnancy has now made her more committed to being a body positive advocate. She encourages her followers to love themselves the way they are. As a pregnant woman, she is embracing the stretch marks and expanding stomach size. She loves the life she is growing. It’s her haters that need to check themselves because it’s not okay to judge a woman’s body and give her negative unsolicited comments.

Tess says she is not the first plus-size woman in the public spotlight to have a baby, and she won’t be the last. But she is part of a group of people who are saying it is okay not to be slim when pregnant. It’s okay to get stretch marks and not be ashamed of your size. If anyone else gives you negative comments, you should just ignore them because pregnancy is a beautiful time to appreciate your body.

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