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Tess Holliday Slams Fashion Industry For Inconsistent Sizing

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One of the biggest bummers in the fashion industry is the sizing. This is one hard fact that was pointed out by plus-size model extraordinaire Tess Holliday. The 29-year-old plus model and Mississippi native made this year’s headline as the first ever size 22 model to be officially signed up to a modeling agency.

Plus-Size Model

Aside from being a plus size model, Holliday is also a body positive activist who took to her Instagram account to express her dissatisfaction with the fashion industry’s inconsistent sizing. She expresses her discontent with the following words in an Instagram post:

“In some brands I’m a 2x, in other’s a 3x… Sometimes a 4x! For my crop tops, they are mostly L from Forever 21,’ she wrote in the caption for the picture, which she took while cleaning out her closet. ‘That’s a massive difference! “


The post also featured an Instagram photo that is split sideways showcasing several different brands like ASOS Curve, Torrid and Modcloth. The comparisons in the picture reveal that she’s a size 3 in Torrid, a large in D.A.R.E., a 3X in Bea & Dot by Modcloth and a 3X in Domino Dollhouse, a fashion house which she used to model for in the past.

Plus-Size Model

She also took the opportunity to slam her critics for pointing out that she was not a size 22. She responded by saying:

“At the end of the day, it’s how you feel that matters, not the label in your clothes.”

Holliday went on to say that clothing sizes vary so much that it wouldn’t matter to her if she was a size zero or 28. She even told one fan:

“That’s why I always tell people I shop with to just try stuff on,’ wrote one fan who enthusiastically agreed with Tess’ statement. ‘Even within the same brands, the sizing can be off.”

Her message about sizing inconsistency earned 20,500 likes and nearly 500 comments.

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