Plus-Size Modeling Tips

The Best Accessorizing Tips for Plus-Size Ladies

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It’s common knowledge that accessories can make or break an outfit. An off-the-shoulder dress can look absolutely stunning on the mannequin but can end up disastrous if it’s styled with the wrong shoes or fitted with too many clashing details. And for those that are on the curvier side, shopping for the right accessories can also be tough, with the full-figured fashionista Ashley Falcon learning the hard way when she tried on the largest rings at several boutiques, only for them not to fit on her ring finger. 

No matter what accessorizing woe you’ve had to deal with, don’t let the struggle get you down. Fashion is all about experimentation and finding out what works best for you.

Here are three styling tips to elevate a plus-size wardrobe:

Think about the proportions

Accessorizing Tips

If there was one thing us voluptuous ladies can get away with that our slimmer sisters can’t, it’s oversized jewelry, purses, and other finishing touches. Petite girls can look like they’re being swallowed by huge totes and necklaces with big jewels, and tiny clutches will make bigger women appear larger than they actually are. While coveted brands like Versace carry the most beautiful evening clutches and coin pouches as showcased on Lyst’s dedicated section to the brand, anything that seems to disappear in your hand or gets lost against your outfit will make you look bigger than desired. Thus, the key takeaway here is the bigger, the better.

Embrace colorful accessories

Fashion Accessories

While black is a go-to color for many people because of its slimming effect and its ability to match everything else in your wardrobe, don’t be afraid of brightening up your outfit with neon heels or statement jewelry. Many accessories were meant to serve as a pop of color for your wardrobe, so if you’ve got a neutral outfit on, add more life with a bright orange back or sexy red pumps. The New Love Times indicate that it’s all about learning how to color block, balancing out basic colors with vibrant hues. Color accents increase the visual appeal of your overall ensemble and work best when more than one accessory are in the same shade to create some consistency throughout.

Be creative with your belts

Plus Size Fashion Tips

Belts are probably every woman’s best friend as it helps creates the hourglass shape that we admittedly envy, but this accessory can look quite boring when worn the same way on every outfit that features a cinched waist. Instead of simply strapping them on, the style experts at Bellatory suggest a number of ways to shake things up, such as a belt over a long scarf to keep it in place. A belt either under or over a cardigan is also very flattering.

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